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    Here's an idea. Go to bcf and get a light board. Problem solved till you get home.

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    That's my back up Lucas thanks.....My trailer brakes are working and I've got a light board.

    For once something intelligent came out of your mouth......good job ole' son.

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    Believe it or not I'm actually pretty helpfull.
    It's just that I'm really trying to deal with the stupidity in the world and sarcasm seems to be the way to go.
    Hence my sarcastic remarks to you on a daily basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theoldlegend View Post
    What did you give me a "dislike" for? You and a tackle ban just don't fit together somehow.

    Ban has been lifted, went to Agnes Bait & Tackle today.. weather is looking good, some fellas have already headed out.. bar what bar? some reports, a few reds to 10kg around and a lot of red throat as well north of Boult

    Muddy il see you at the ramp mate at 5.30, give me a yell if your there earlier, have snags/bread etc

    PS a lot of roadworks all the way up especially im told Miriam Vale way, we struck a lot as well via Bundy back way

    TOL, it was a most friendly dislike
    Tangles KFC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy Toes View Post
    Yeah Bruce......exactly what Bill said to me on the phone about an hour ago!!!!

    I'm trying to find a wiring diagram online for my trailer.....there's a fuse holder in the drawbar that has come apart, problem being I will have to take the whole wiring loom off to get at it unless I cut the loom in half which I'm not going to do.
    Bloody trailer lights are behind you! you cant see them! aslong as your headlights work youll be fine. seeing as tho you said brett will be in the boat on the vhf just throw him a torch with a bit of red and orange selaphane. hell work out the rest.

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    Next time I'm buying a trailer I'm getting a Burley Trailer.

    They seem like they're make with a bit of fore thought.

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    hahaha careful what you wish for you might have to wait awhile on one of those trailers, seems progress gets delayed because apparently fishing comes first.

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    Well, I haven't seen any reports yet from this epic adventure.

    What does that mean?

    Are they catching so many reds they haven't had time to put up a report?

    Or does it mean that they're not catching much at all?

    Waiting, waiting, waiting..........


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    They are all due back in port late this arvo John, you'll have to wait a tad longer.

    Maybe you could pop down the IGA and suss out any new CoC's and put them straight about " spacers ".

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    First report, Got back at Thursday midnight. now at work sorting other stuff out will post report with pics ASAP. We caught fish, I'm no longer a red virgin and the weather was nearly perfect.
    Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things,it is when we start understanding small things

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    Hope you guys had a good time out on the reef as Iam still at work wait till I land back home it will be time to kick the fish in the a...
    still waiting to see some pic,s off all the fish you guys have been getting .No fish in india .Catch you guys on the ramp soon good luck
    best off luck .Tom

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