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    thinking bout headin up to 1770 this weekend and am just wondering if the bar channel is easy visable when headin there gps marks u can get for the channel from the vmr/ looks good got a few marks the other week from fellow ausfish members...any info welcome.looking to get my 1st trout and maybe a red
    cheers rosco

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    Re: 1770

    Yeah the bar is pretty visible near the mouth Rosco.....a rock wall on one side and a starboard marker on the other side.Just a bit of a tip might be to run a good track or plot some waypoints on the way out in case your thinking about coming back in the dark coz none of the beacons are lit at night.6 knots from the boat ramp to the Eastern side of the caravan park and don't forget the report when you get home.
    Good luck.

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    Re: 1770

    am pretty sure there will be quiet a few boats headin out on sat morning givin the forcast

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    Re: 1770

    Quote Originally Posted by rosco1974 View Post
    am pretty sure there will be quiet a few boats headin out on sat morning givin the forcast
    Not looking for a deckie are you Rosco.........

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    Re: 1770

    nah mate think i will have a full boat

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    Muddy explained pretty well- it really is a good bar (to me anyway) but like all bars tide/swell affects it- been going out for years. generally it has to be pretty big easterly swell to affect the bar.

    It really only causes problem with large swell hitting headland then creating 90degree pressure waves off the headland itself which stand up out front/river mouth due to being resaonably shallow( you will see / get the idea when you 1st see bar makeup). Generally people get /have trouble by heading straight out (pass rocks) and a set curls around the corner.

    Generally i find a southerly swell slides across the front without standing up so much.

    If it is getting up once you past green can point the nose to bustard head and go. Just watch the bank on your port side though, it can extend out to sea a fair way pass the green can.

    ps also be very careful of the red can (2nd last lead out) as it was well up/positioned on the the big sand on your starbord side as you leave the 6knots zone (rocky point) just past camping ground- in april (when was I there again Phil/Muddy?) that red can was absolute high & dry at low tide - hopefully it may have been moved now. I know of numerous people who have hit that bank by being to close to the red can.

    These are my observations others may a differnet opinion

    Last edited by MICHAELG; 02-08-2012 at 08:59 AM. Reason: red can on stardbord side leaving

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    Re: 1770

    Rosco all the best mate you will love the place ,, hope you get a few make sure you have a couple of coldies with you nothing like sitting in the lagoon cooking a feed & having a cold one watching the sunset ,I had a plan of going up this weekend but work killed that maybe next weekend for me cheers bill

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    Re: 1770

    Next weekend sounds like a plan if the weather is good Bill.

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    Re: 1770

    Muddy, My hand is up if you need a crew !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishfeeder View Post
    Muddy, My hand is up if you need a crew !!!
    My other hand is up!!!

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    Re: 1770

    I would have thought bruce &tim would have there hands up by now come on boys are you up for it

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    Re: 1770

    Martys coming back soon so they're like, Bill who ?

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    Re: 1770

    i have planed to head up next weekend as well.........leaving southside of brisbane around fri arvo at 2....... fingers crossed the weather holds...
    cheers mick
    ...........GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO BAIT.........

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    Re: 1770

    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy Toes View Post
    Martys coming back soon so they're like, Bill who ?
    tou are on mun there mate ,,but thats all good ,, martys says he wants ''THE CREW'' back I just loaned them,,they are top blokes,, but until marty gets his new boat I am more than happy to have them & marty crew with me ,,bring on 1770

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    Bring it on alright.

    I might have to sell my boat and ride with you in future then.

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