Ok so I'm looking at a better solution than I currently have at carrying my rods around while out and about (they get in my way alot...). And I've been looking at something like a rocket launcher that can be folded down (needs to, to be able to get in the garage).
There's a few about, but details and pics are sketchy at best. Example below


Does anyone have one of these or similar products and can answer a few questions for me?

How easy is it to fold down? or is it just a PIA to bother with
Does the fact it's fold down compromise the stability ie can the 'thumb screws' or whatever that enable that process work free while the unit is up, so it can fall over unannounced...ouch
When it says the object can be 'trimmed' to fit for mounting, does this mean actually cutting or whatever, or is it in tubular sections that can slide within the given dimensions? and again, does the fact it can do this compromise stability at all?

Thanks heaps