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    g day all
    as im landbased and getting more into it,im learning cold mornings mixed with cold water do not mix,and you cant always keep your feet dry.i was wondering if theres any where just to get some waist high waders local(brissy)i dont want the real high ones something over the feet to go to my thighs im guessing.regards john

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    Horne make great waders and they are available in waist or thigh length. I prefer the thigh length and have used them for years when surf fishing in Winter. I don't wade to fish, I just like to stay dry and comfortable. Also, the thigh waders make those little rest stops on a cold night a lot easier when you don't have to take off most of your clothes. Have a look at

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    Re: waders

    ok,thanks,are they sold on the gold coast/brissy at all.john

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    Re: waders

    Most good tackle stores stock Horne and will order in your particular size and style if they don't have them in stock. I got mine from Jones Tackle from memory.

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    mate charltons in ipswich stock horne waders if thats any help, give them a call 38180734 if they dont have the thigh length they will be able to order them in as they stock the chest lenghth ones,hope this helps cheers hally

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    I buy my hornes waders from a guy on ebay that is based in melbourne 3 day delivery and his prices are good.

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    I have recently bought a set of chest and thigh waders from anaconda. 4mm thick and about 1/2 the price of "name" brands at around $100. Great warmth, especially here in vic, and they fit nicely. They are stitched pretty well and don't leak. They come with a repair kit as well.
    My mate has a pair for 3yrs now with no problem.
    I have worn them about 12 times now and no problem.
    I managed to get them on sale at 1/2 price , so i bought both types for $102

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    Quote Originally Posted by tunaticer View Post
    I buy my hornes waders from a guy on ebay that is based in melbourne 3 day delivery and his prices are good.
    How often do you need to buy new Hornes Tuna? or what do you do to them to need new ones?
    I got my pair of Horne waders around 10 years ago and (with 1 or 2 patches) they still going great. Best winter beach fishing investment I ever made.

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    Hornes are good waders but are not the most comfortable around. Jump onto some of the US sites and check out the ranges of breathable lightweight waders. If you just want a cheap pair then the ones at Anaconda are good value. i know of a couple of serious beach fishos who have given their Hornes a miss in favour of the Anaconda offerings
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