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    Advice for my son to get his first baitcaster

    Hi all,

    My eldest - 13 - has decided he wants a baitcaster after using mine. He has done his homework and reckons the Shimano Caenan is the go for $77 with free delivery on evilbay. I see there are others in a similar price range including a Daiwa, Abu and the Okuma Tormenta. He wants a low profile and has $90 to spend (his accumulated funds...he need a rod to suit, so me has some time to go before he actually gets to use the reel...). I would like to see him get another spinner, but he is dead keen on the caster so fair enough.

    Any assistance appreciated - salt water use (and he takes care of his gear - hose down etc) and not regular use.

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    Re: Advice for my son to get his first baitcaster

    I have a caenan and they are a great reel, mine would be about a year and a half old and has caught heaps of fish and never failed me. I think it would be a great beginners reel. I am happy to give mine to anyone that hasn't cast a baitcaster and be sure that it wont get a birdsnest. I have a curado and an older coriolis, the caenen is better than the coriolis and not that far of the curado. I havent used any of the others but after a week long trip at weipa last year the caenan held up better than higher priced daiwas, a pflueger and the curado (Minor issue which hasnt been a problem since being fixed). Another option could be the new shimano citica.

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    Re: Advice for my son to get his first baitcaster

    I'd try Kmart, they have Shakespeare combos and a bit of extra gear , lures, ..


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