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Thread: Qld Rec Fishing Licence? Yes or No

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    Re: Qld Rec Fishing Licence? Yes or No

    On a lighter note, if there were a fishing licence in Qld, and I went and fishing and caught nothing as I so often do these days, maybe I could sue the State Govt for providing an inadequate fishery ?

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    Re: Qld Rec Fishing Licence? Yes or No

    Here is an extract from Marine Business.

    Victorian recreational fishing nets a $1.6 million boost

    21 May 2013

    THE Victorian Coalition Government has approved more than $1.6 million in new funding for a range of projects that will improve recreational fishing opportunities across the state.

    Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh said money from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences had been allocated to 12 new projects across Victoria that would improve fish habitat, build stronger fisheries and improve facilities for fishers of all abilities.

    This year's round of large grants allocated under the Department of Environment and Primary Industries' Recreational Fishing Grants Program include:

    $300,000 over three years to the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority to improve fish habitat and build fish populations in East Gippsland waterways;

    $263,206 over three years to Fisheries Victoria to better understand the recreational catch of snapper in Victorian waters;

    $150,000 over three years to improve Murray cod fishing in Victoria;

    $115,667 to Lake Purrumbete Angling Club Inc. to assess the performance of recently stocked chinook salmon into Lake Purrumbete and Lake Bullen Merri;

    $114,000 over three years for the Victorian Fishers for Fish Habitat Program;

    $113,500 over three years to Fishcare Victoria Inc. to conduct 300 FishRight workshops around Victoria;

    $58,510 over two years to Monash University to improve the Macquarie perch fishery;

    $38,800 to VRFish to conduct a recreational angler awareness campaign to reduce released snapper mortality;

    $45,000 to improve fish migration through the Broken River Weir;

    $40,000 to build an all-abilities fishing platform on the northern breakwater at St. Helens Boat Harbour at Geelong;

    $39,426 to the Association of Geelong and District Angling Clubs Inc. to build an all-abilities fishing platform at Aire River, Glenaire; and

    $22,000 to develop a recreational fishing strategy for the Docklands precinct.

    Mr Walsh said a further $224,000 of Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account funds had been allocated for a range of recreational fisheries education and communications materials.

    These include funds to produce and circulate 300,000 copies of the 2013-14 Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide, 200,000 fish length ruler stickers and 500 metal fish length rulers, 20,000 abalone, rock lobster and spiny crayfish rulers in three languages, 1,000 abalone dive tags and 30,000 Know your (fish) limits pocket cards in four languages.

    Very interesting reading.
    They state that monies come from the sale of rec fishing licenses which only cost $24.50 per annum.
    ( Obviously they do nor cream off 20% like what happens in QLD)
    They recognize the multicultural diversity of the general population by printing their brochures in 4 languages which the no understand excuse.
    With all the monies going into a trust there is no possibility of ministers with sticky fingers raiding the fund to make up shortfalls in other areas,

    Have a look at the Victorian website,
    Nice and easy to use.

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    Re: Qld Rec Fishing Licence? Yes or No

    Hey Ray, I don't know if 100% of the monies raised from the licences goes back into improving their fisheries, or how many licences are sold, but I thought $1.6mil seemed a little low for a state as populous as Vic. Especially as some of that $1.6mil is allocated to be spent over 3 years. I've found that usually when a politician or a Government is saying they are doing something good for anglers, a closer look will find the devil is in the detail.
    In the past, other Vic Governments have allocated more, much more from the licence fees to their Fisheries Grants Program.
    2009/10 $2.0mil
    2010/11 $2.5mil
    2011/12 $1.2mil
    2012/13 $1.3mil
    2013/14 $1.6mil
    Also if you adjust the monies allocated over 3 years in the 2013/14 grants program it's actually only $0.7mil spend for the next year. I could certainly be wrong but this info is from the figures on their Fisheries website.

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