Posting this based on the mods I've had to make to mine to make it better, so the next guy setting up similar doesn't have to reinvent the wheel.

I got a mackeral rack, which I assumed would come ready to go from an experienced specialist manufacturer.

Anyhow, it only came with 2 rear rod holders so I had to get a local welder to put on a couple of front ones which you need when baiting up etc.
So specify how many rod holders you want when getting it made. 4 is good.

The original rack came at normal height off a PWC - about 90mm. Problem with that when running a wide mackeral esky is that at usual offshore travelling speeds or turning, a lot of wash/waves come over the rear corners of the ski and hit the corners of the wide esky. I got the local welder to cut off the original rack legs, and put in new ones at 170mm high off the ski. Tested this morning and it's 100% better and I can turn the ski sharper safely now if crossing a bar and needing to throw it around a bit. The esky corners now no longer go under. I reckon even 200mm high off the ski for the rack legs would be better.
If I'd known to ask for these things when getting it made, it would have saved a few $ and a bit of hassle.

The wider esky works great for fishing as the tackle box can sit in there for easy access.


Mackeral rack.jpg