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    Re: Bribie / pacific harbour new canal fees.

    Yeah we got a rude shock opening an unexpected council letter. After discussing it with my neighbour whom has lived on the Bribie Canals for 10yrs+ in various locations, he said it's a crock that they dare ask for the kind of money they're suggesting, when the canals (specifically Pacfic Harbour) hasn't been dredged in 20yrs, and has only perhaps gained about 18" of sediment in all those years in the main canals.

    At the very least, they won't be dredging all the canals, and they will only be doing it hypothetically once every 10-20yrs. Bongaree canal entry is in a mess (currently being resolved after a long wait I believe, but what kind of idiot dredges the canal entry and puts the sand on the southern side of the groin. Do they not realise longshore drift goes north, it'll be right back where it was in a year or less probably). Not sure what the hell that has to do with Banksia Beach/Pacific Harbour ? I live up on Chichister Inlet (pretty sure it is) and you can guarantee they won't dredge anywhere up here anyway. It's a cop out, and you can guarantee the money is earmarked for other projects. Extracting millions of dollars per year pretending it's for "canal maintenance" is a crock and I'd say the battle against this is only beginning.

    It's pretty sly they squeezed the letter in the mailbox just before the end of the 2011/12 financial year as well. And only several weeks after we voted for council.. Curious there was no mention of this when they were campaigning ?

    Some digging is being done in regard to the company that has the tentative contract for the supposed dredging, when figures are known, and frequency required as hard facts, then the council can be pushed to fess up perhaps.

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    Re: Bribie / pacific harbour new canal fees.

    I hope some of that excess money which is supposed to be spent in redcliffe, is spent at woody point.

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    Re: Bribie / pacific harbour new canal fees.

    What a crock of gobshite that all the money gets spent in Redcliffe. We have been paying the canal levy in Redcliffe since 2005. Seems we have subsiding it for Bribie for the last 7 years.

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