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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Just had look for you with amazons , if you pick the shop that sells for $64.11 au

    Shipping $17.93 Landed in QLD for total $81.,79

    if you need any more info - you can sort it out

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Childers, sent you a pm in the meantime.


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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod


    I searched amazon (USA), no can ship to Aus is the message I get. I find that to be odd.

    However, so I went to amazon (Canada) and noted it can ship overseas.

    Penn Surf Spinfisher rod 10ft 15-30lb 2 piece = $64.11 Canadian Dollars

    With shipping the cost worked out to be approximately $87.00 Australian dollars

    Estimated delivery: Estimated shipping: Scheduleddelivery: Estimated delivery: Estimated delivery: , Oct 23 2012 - Nov 23 2012 . Standard International Shipping (averages 63-84 weeks)

    Arriving by ship so it seems, there is no option for airfreight. Might be ok for next years tailor season as it will be arriving too late for this year.

    Is this the same what you read in the Amazon link you arrived at?


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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Looks like you need to upgrade your searching skills champ

    Im getting sick of seeing my own face in this thread !

    Outdoor Shopping $64.11

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Hi Bondy Gary Howard phantom is a nice rod and ok price wise a little more gets you a G force, I use both of these rods they cast very well and work with you once a fish is on. Getting them custom made is the same price as off the shelf it also allows you to add what you like as i prefer a thinner rod i had mine wrapped rather than have the traditional foam. Get in touch if you ant to know where I purchased mine.
    Did you get the lures?

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Found the link so all is good

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod


    Yeah mate , received those lures, I sent you a pm about 2 weeks back.

    Are they the lures you fish at night with? Were they fluro at some time?

    Custom made rods are good as you say but at this point in time I need to stay clear of custom made jobs, I'll be in touch down the track.


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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    At long last the Penn Spinfisher rod has arrived, yes its very light and no its no longer made in USA but made in China to Penn's specifications, its a 2 piece graphite tubular blank, EVA grips ,Aluminium oxide spinning guides. cast 3 to 6 ounce lures.

    Will be testing this rod out in the next 2 weeks.

    Cheers, Bondy

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