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    Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    To the rod builders/spin fanatics out thereÖ

    I had a catastrophic failure on the weekend lifting a school jew outÖ My rod broke at the pivotal point in the lift when I had to move to hide from a breaking wave. The Penn Spinfisher Big Game I had was perfect, it was a cheapy but ticked all the boxes. I just had a lapse in concentration and now I canít find them on the market anymore. As a result I am now in the market for a new heavy spin rod.

    The specs:
    Light weight
    11ft minimum
    15kg or better rating
    Preferably fast action
    Light weight
    Thin blank

    It will be used solely as a land based jew spinning rod where the size of the fish is a lottery. The old rod could comfortably lift a 75 - 80cm jew (when waves werenít about to break on my head) and the new one must also be able to do this. Average lure weight will be 60-90g but the ability to dead lift is more important. I donít want the traditional Wilson surf rod thickness in the butt end if I can get away with it as it makes it uncomfortable to spin for long periods. Iím happy to attempt a build if I can find a blank that is not too expensive but fits the bill. It doesnít need to be a pretty rod, just a workhorse. Suggestions?

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Apart from being a little light in the rating (12kg) I would look at a Silstar Crystal Blue Surf Rods. If you trimmed a little off the tip of the 12' model it might suit your needs
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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Hi Jon,
    I think they got rebadged rovex aureus or some thing like that. Not sure exactly but a talk to mo tackle or your local should sort it out.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Scott you rock. Thanks! That certainly looks like it.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Shame you dont like the thicker butts as I would have thought an FSU5120 or 5120G would fit the bill. For rock work, I would go for the glass 5120. If you start looking a thinner butts you are likely moving into more expensive territory

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    FSU 5120 or 5120G. Both are near on perfect jew rods. 10ft but got guts like no other and can be thrown around on the rocks like a rag doll and still perform. You'd be silly to go anything else!

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    I got a 12ft Daiwa SS sensor, very light, pretty strong too.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Mattooty..on the money mate. I have built lots of them over the years - 4120 and 5120's and like Matt says, bloody powerful. My 4120 has been to hell and back and never had any problems..although due for new guides pretty soon. When I was living near Hat Head, I used a standard 4120 for spinning and lighter bottom fishing, 5120 for heavier and the 4120 with a cut down tip for heavy livebaiting....could cast a 500g livie no probs. My mate with a 9144 almost needed a crane to get his rod out to the spot.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    G'Day John, the blank I use is a FT5120 its an overkill on the schoolies but its the goods on a bigger fish. Has no dramas dead lifting an 80cm fish or a tad bigger. I custom made mine and replaced the traditional hyperlon grips with some of that surfboard decking stuff. I got some off cuts from a factory in Byron bay and cut it into strips about 30mm wide then wraped it around the blank..hey presto thinner rod. Steve tells me your down this w.e have a look then if you like.

    Cheers Mark

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Cheers Mark, i was already down by the time you wrote that yesterday. I had a bit of a sticky while you were spinning and was wondering what the grip was.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Its done the rounds that blank, I originally set it up for a HSS overhead rig, hence the xtra high reel seat. I havnt used it for that purpose since about 1998 and was to tight to buy a new once when i needed a jew rod so ripped the runners off and reconfigured it for the spinfisher. Its not ideal but it works. Lengthwise its a bit shorter than your chasing but I havn't had any issues with it. If your not sure grab it next time and have a throw.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Deepfried's on the ball. Brett has the Rovex Aureus at Ballina Bait and Tackle for $99. The blank looks identical to the Big Game.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Don't know where you are but gone fishing in carrum downs melb still have the 10 & 12' penn spinfisher game rods in stock.

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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod

    Speaking about rods

    I'm seeking a 10ft spinning rod chasing tailor and anything else that wants to take my lure / bait.

    What rod brand would be ideal?


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    Re: Land Based Jew Spinning Rod


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