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    Grunter Questions

    Having just read Ifish's report on the super Grunter he has just caught, maybe someone who has more experience with these fish can fill me in on a few questions. Ive caught them in the gulf and also a few small models at Jumpinpin(same spot and always small), anybody have success on them in SEQ?.
    The lowest down ive struck them in any size and quantity was woodgate. At woodgate Several years ago when the winter days were very cold and i believe there were several fish kills because of the temp both lake and estuary i came across a couple of huge schools of Grunter way up the river at woodgate(talking 100+ fish at least), from small to ones the size Ifish shows in his photos, im guessing they were spawning? any one else struck this? provided the best 3 days estuary fishing ive had, they were taking plastics and yabbies, caught and released heaps and kept a few for a feed.
    Any info on their habits would be appreciated.

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    Re: Grunter Questions

    Hi FR I am not sure about down there but grunter definately prefer trench type country over tall structure they love big jew type holes
    so I always look for current trenches cased by the pressure wave at the front of wrecks, pinnacles and bombies or the eddie trench behind structures
    sometimes these trenches can be 50m away from the tall stuff
    in the rivers they prefer the undulating bottom and cockle beds where they sit in the dips under the main current flow and wait for food to drop by
    the bottom of mud rivers usually has a bottom that looks like swell lines especially near bends
    our biggest grunter like a depth of 14-24m offshore and 3+ in the creeks

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    Re: Grunter Questions

    Can't say that I have their habits sussed but they do inhabit our local waters (SEQ). Have caught quite a few on plastics in various habitats including one in the 70's size range in less than 1m of water around the middle of the day landbased at the South Pine and another in the 70's late afternoon at Scarborough. Not something that I target but the occasional shows up as bycatch.

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    Re: Grunter Questions

    Either side of the low with uneven rocky bottom. 5/0 wide gape hook stuffed with 5 yabbies and a bit of red tube.

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    Re: Grunter Questions

    They are pretty common in the Pumicestone Passage aren't they, especially after rain.

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    Re: Grunter Questions

    Making a comeback in Pumicestone Passage since they excluded the nets. Also caught in the Maroochy river upstream from the Motorway Bridges.

    Quality is still delivering long after you have forgotten the price.

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    Re: Grunter Questions

    Thanks for the info guys, certainly a fish id like to see more of, Pumicstone sounds promising for the future, might be worth the odd exploratory trip up there.

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