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    Question Spear gun

    Just wanting to know a good brand of spear gun, what length, for a 14yr old wanting to start off.

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    Re: Spear gun

    mate this would deppend on a number of things, where they intend on diving, what they intend on chasing etc..
    if they have access to a boat and frequent the the reef i would say between a 1.1-1.3m
    if only doing costal stuff in dirty water you would go back to a 0.9-1.0m
    Everyone has there own oppinions on brands but if you stick to the well known ones you can't go wrong, rob allen, freediver, aimrite, etc. all these guns are railguns which is pretty important as it makes a big difference in accuracy and loading. If they are serious about it i'd recomend forking out a little extra and get something decent that will last them for a while as with spearguns you definately get what you pay for and you won't have to upgrade in 12months time.
    feel free to ask anything that i have missed..


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    Re: Spear gun

    Great reply from nidrac IMHO; Rob Allen is hard to beat for a 'tube' gun as far as bang for buck....Undersee for a cheap wood gun.
    True, ya get what you pay for....

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    Re: Spear gun

    Fellas thanks for the info i will check a rob allen gun out when i get back home,if i need any more info i will put up another post,once again thanks.

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    Re: Spear gun

    Rob Allen are not what they used to be. Will still do the job tho. Any good quality rail gun is recomended. Some brands which seem better quality are KES(wooden), Riffe (wooden), and the Edge (superfrog - meru mech) all stand out one way or another IMHO. I have not used but have herd the aimrite r nice. Like anything do ur homework first. The Ali railguns are robust and durrable and accurate and generally more affordable. 1.2/ 1.3m seem the best 'allrounder' as far as size goes for up North. But like golf there is a different club for a different purpose. Have fun
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    Re: Spear gun

    mate i have a superfrog 1.3m sic gun love it but a bit long for a 14yr old so drop back in length.
    i like it cause there made for ozzie ruffness. it has a cap at the end of the tube which covers the rubbers so wen u jam it in the reef or sharp rocks looking for crays the rubbers dont get cut up, also with that cap wen u take it off the rubbers pop off so there easy to change if needed.
    its a thick barrle so they dont flex and its got a good pistal grip.
    if u got him a gun like that he will have it for life, I keep mine in a pbc pipe with a screw cap keeps it clean and rubbers dont age.
    good luck let us know how u go mate

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