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    Burnett Heads seal

    My friends saw this fellow yesterday, fed him a prawn......
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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    On holidays in the warmer climate or looking for new digs!!

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal


    I saw a Dugong last week at Ryans reef,but a Seal,he is lost I would think.How good was the weather yesterday,I went to the 5 Degree and got zip !

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    It's not the first time a seal has been sighted around Bundy. I remember seeing one when I lived in Bundy some time ago.

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    A Seal would be great to see,the kids would love it also.We had a plague of Turtles at 4 Mile of the Elliott last week,like swimming coffee tables .

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    Bloody Mexicans
    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    There was a seal hanging around Sunny coast, and moreton bay..... last 6 months.
    Hope he is Ok.....


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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    There has been a seal turning up at Fraser for the last couple of years around this time.The one last year even had a large gash on his back , wonder if it is the same one.

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    We spotted 1 up here about 30nm off Yeppoon about 15 years ago. No believed us, thought we were on drugs haha.

    actually at that age I probly was lol.

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    Wonder if a vacation student at Sea World forgot to lock the gate :-)

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    Re: Burnett Heads seal

    There was one moved in to Point Vernon at Hervey Bay back in the 70's. Had a good old time for a while. The whole family went for a trip in the brand new austin tasman to go and have a look. Bloody global warming/cooling/warming/cooling...... pretty sure the seal outlived the tasman too.
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