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Thread: Stella 5000 SW

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    Stella 5000 SW

    Hello all, what has happened to the Stella SW 5000's? Cant see them listed any more at MOT or RAnnes. Have they stopped making them?

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    I get the MO tackle book delivered and they are still priced in it

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Hi Billy,
    yep...I can see them in the mag too but not online anymore........

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    My mate got one on the weekend - The Tackle Warehouse. He still reckons they have a couple left. Apparently Shimano have had stock supply issues and been struggling to keep up.

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Thanks champilly, i want to buy one fairly soon and would have been disappointed if they had stopped making them
    Cheers, Mike

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    I got one last week at complete angler here in melb. for $699. Yes. shimano have had a shortage of them but should be due about now

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Thanks Dudley, i might give them a call and see if they still have any at tha price

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Give the dandenong branch a try .
    BTW. Gone fishing in carrum downs vic has the old model saltiga 4000z discounted to $699.
    Similar size to the stella 5000 around 300yds of 30lb braid.

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Hi Dudley,
    thanks for the heads up. I think the Saltigas are quite a bit heavier than the Stellas so if I can get the Stella for that money...think this is the way I will go.

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Hi Dudley, i took your advice and emailed the Dandenong store. They called me back an hour later and I am putting a deposit on one tmorrow. Youre a legend mate

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    My pleasure mikeyh

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    It is probably too late but I was in the tackle store on Gympie road at Aspley and they had one in the window for around the same price.

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    Re: Stella 5000 SW

    Alwways the way isnt it No Fear.....thanks buddy. I put a deposit on the Melbourne one today

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