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    Best Technique For Shark Fishing In The Broadwater


    Just wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advise on fishing for sharks (Hammerhead or Bull) in the Broadwater. Not had any luck so far just a few monster singrays landed. I havent got the use of a boat as of yet but will drive just about anywhere if there is a chance of catching.

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    Re: Best Technique For Shark Fishing In The Broadwater

    Hey mate, I had some pretty good success on bull sharks in the broadwater earlier in the season, my best was 183cm. I'm landbased as well. It might be too cold for them now, but I'm probably going to put an overnight trip somewhere in the broadwater in the next few weeks to see what turns up.

    I'm certainly no expert, but I'd say anywhere that has a decent drop off or channel should hold them. I fish all night when I go, and have found the most action to be around the high tide, although may be different in different areas of the broadwater. I use 30-40cm mullet or a piece of eel roughly the same size as bait. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to use decent trace material, I f'd around with the cheap Halco traces and a lost a few sharks because of it.

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    Re: Best Technique For Shark Fishing In The Broadwater

    Thanks for the advice mate. I have to go back to gladstone to work this sunday but i might have time for one more fish in the mean time. So far i have tried using a range of baits and my best run was using a live mullet on a No 10 hook. Im not too sure as to what make the rig is im using is but it was what was reccomended buy one of the blokes in Tackle World next to the parklands. Fishing in England is certainly a lot different to fishing here so im just going by trial and error. Do the drop offs stay the same or are they constantly changing?

    I will be back down on the Gold Coast on the weekend of the 30th June. Let me know if you want to go for a night fish somewhere.. Im always keen to try new spots and my passion stays the same even if i am not catching.



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