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    Birri, Mornington Island

    I would like to hear of any reports & experiences from this unique fishing location. I spent a week there 14 years ago & I'm thinking of organising another trip. Cheers.

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    Re: Birri, Mornington Island

    Hi I was there for a week about 20 years ago had a ball. riding motor bikes, crabbing, fishing the river and gulf, the anti-christ an old shorty landcruiser. food and drinks, getting to know the locals.

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    Re: Birri, Mornington Island

    Been there for the last 2 years. In 2010 went up in June, good fishing but the weather beat us. In 2011 went up there in September, great fishing and crabbing. The weather was great so we could get out to Rocky and Man-O-War Islands - great fishing, CTs, Reds, Cod, Spanish Mackerel etc. Not going this year as there was some changes happening ie possibly new Guides/Crew etc so how that pans out is unknown. If you enjoy your fishing, Go! as there is nothing else to do at the Resort.


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    Re: Birri, Mornington Island

    Thanks for the update Magnet. I'm sure you'll agree it's only as good as the weather & the group you are with. If they come together it's awesome.
    I have a mate planning a trip there from brissy in his V-sea. One week on the road, two weeks on the water. He's spoken to Birri about a fuel top up.
    Sounds crazy, but were talking about a guy who just did the montebellos brom brissy........

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