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Thread: jack live bait

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    jack live bait

    what do you think is the best jack live bait?and how/where do you position your hook ??

    cheers marty

    and one more question can they be fished for in winter!!!!

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    Re: jack live bait

    mullet/herring/bittys my hooks in the mouth and up through the top jaw for mullet...through the bridge of the nose for herring and bittys... seems to keep them alive longer in faster water with no difference in hookups ...hooks i use thin gauge mustad hoodlum livebait ...

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    Re: jack live bait

    bittys they work

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    Re: jack live bait

    and small whiting..

    Livies ill put the hook just infront of the doesel fin through the thick part of the shoulder area. the same with dead herring and biddies.
    Dead mullet and whiting the hook go's through the eyes and back in through the gut.

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    Re: jack live bait

    small poddy mullet & herring... if i want em to swim on the surface i pin a single hook threw the shoulder, works best for me... if using a sinker threw the nose, and use a stinger if bait is big enough.

    as for winter , down SEQ people don't normally target them in winter, but by the look your in cairns so probably hot enough?

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    Re: jack live bait

    As stated above Poddy Mullet, Herring and any small fish they can get down. They are not fussy

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