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    Poddy mullet and whiting as live bait

    Been looking everywhere for poddy mullet with no luck. Are these a summer fish ?? Cause I can't seem to find them anywhere. One other question is there diver whiting to be caught up around Tangalooma. Have fished for them at the sand hills but hoping to find them up around Tangalooma. Hoping to use them as live bait on the artificial just north of there

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    Re: Poddy mullet and whiting as live bait

    Can't answer anything about tangalooma but can't imagine why there wouldn't be winteries around there. pump some yabbies and you should go alright on the sand banks if there are any around. You prob know this but just be careful of course that you're not using summeries unless they're over legal size.
    Poddies can be caught at any time for sure. Just a question of knowing where they congregate during different tide levels and times of the day. good luck

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    Re: Poddy mullet and whiting as live bait

    They are all year fish although soemtimes they can be in one spot and not the next time. look for backwaters or shallows area, little shallow bays etc for poddy mullet. i get mine from from a back water thats about 1.5 m deep that has little current and a sandy silty bottom. Doesnt take too long in the cast net to get some prime bait.


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    Re: Poddy mullet and whiting as live bait

    mate if your over at Moreton invest in a bait net and drag it through some calm drop offs and you will be surprised at how quickly you will gather live bait. As for winter whiting they are top of my list for livies, jew love them as well as snapper!

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