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    Barra Classic Success

    Before anyone jumps to any conclusions I define success as no broken props, boat in one piece and a few fish caught.
    After sitting in the 4.9 topender for 10 hours a day sun to Saturday (two days Sunday and Monday were pre fishes) the mighty team Keep it Cool finished a very pleasing 15th out of 50 teams. None of our team (myself, my brother and my brother in law) managed any donut days. Apparently the fishing was pretty tough with the neap tides happening, we couldn't tell but I am happy to put it down to that rather than our fishing ability.
    Everyone seemed to have a good time and the lure of choice for just about everyone was poltergeist bright green. I lost my last poltergeist with half an hour to go. We found just about as many lures as we lost interesting watching them floating down the Daly and just scooping them up.
    My biggest was 90cm and I know now why people get addicted to this type of fishing. My heart was pumping for about 10 minutes after.
    We stayed just up the road from Banyan Farm (where the event is held) and stayed next door to Jarrah Jack. Small world Jack great to meet you and your wife although next time I hope the Saints aren't playing the Blues.Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Barra Classic Success

    Did you stay at Sinclairs?........Sounds like a tuff year......the river level just dropped once again this year with no real back up rain to keep the run off sustained,,,,Also a few cold nights thrown in does'nt help the cause.

    Still beats working though,did your 90 come from the "esses' or further down..........I heard through the grapevine that Aligator head fished well for some on the change of tide?

    Confidence.......the feeling you get before you fully understand the situation.

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    Re: Barra Classic Success

    G'day Dan,
    We stayed at the barra park a couple of k's down from sinclairs. The numbers were down from last year and alot of people said the wet wasn't real good. The 90 came from just down from the tackle box, I think. It was our first time on the river and we only knew two spots. Talking to people at the after events was a bit embarrassing as we were happy to accept their information but difficult to offer any as most of the time we did not know the areas we were fishing. Luckily we knew the crew from lucky strike (Ross McCubbin, Brad and Benny Job) they took us out Sunday morning and showed us all the hazards. When we realised where the "esses" were, we stayed away for the most as it was a bit of a carpark but that is where we watched Compain catch the biggest fish of the tournament it went 104cm and caught amongst 4 or 5 other boats within 5 metres of eachother.
    You are right, change of tide changes everything

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    Re: Barra Classic Success

    Howdy Mick Great to meet ya's, hope to see you again next year perhaps. Best not to be around when the blues are being flogged by the Mr's team.. You did bloody well for your first trip on the river. Nothing like that type of fishing. Dan's a lucky bloke to have it on his door step.

    What worked well for the same week last year didn't do much this time so we were behind the eight ball. At least we had the meanist looking boat but the prop wasn't looking the best

    The Adelaide was slow too with only a few caught at the exact same spots we got 60 in a day last year. Thats fishing mate. Have car troubles now so that may be it.



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