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    Heading up to Fraser at end of June

    Hey all

    so im taking my first up to fraser island late june with a few mates camping and fishing

    where are good spots to camp and having a fire would be preferable as i assume it will be cold?

    whatabout good fishing spots? i would like to catch something other than whiting bream dart etc

    ill be there for about s week so have plenty of time to travel/explore

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    Re: Heading up to Fraser at end of June

    Hi Simon - Lucky you! I'm jealous! If you are beach camping just check the regulations re open fires; esp. since they have had a few fires run a muck of late on the islands from campers not putting them out properly. Check at National Parks where you get your permit what the go is.

    I haven't stayed there in years, but years ago at the government camp sites you could light a fire in designated places. Not sure if that is the case now. Try camping at Dundaburra(sp) and Waddy Point/Orchid Beach gov't camp sites are really nice spots and close to good fishing action.

    If beach fishing - be careful where you pull up. I went up last Sept and on my way back down, on the southern section of the island, the gov't maps said we could camp, but the beach signs said otherwise. It meant we were stuck running the beach on an in coming tide - looking; looking - looking. In the end, in the interests of safety (namely for my car) we pulled up and camped near one of the creeks (we were swagging it)- the beach was just fast disappearing, as was the light and the maps were different to the signs.

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    Re: Heading up to Fraser at end of June

    half your luck mate,

    Check with the Rangers and locals about current conditions as frogfuzz suggested. Maps are notorious for being out of date unless you have a cartographer with you who can make a new map for ya.

    Watch out for Ruts also.


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    Re: Heading up to Fraser at end of June


    Ok you will get the early run of Tailor with size being just legal.(35cm) and I would suggest the southern to middle reaches this early in the season. They tend to school up early morning and late afternoon in the gutter formations alond the entire eastern beach and also where ever there is structure like rocks and headlands so Yidney rocks, Maheno and anywhere in between up to Indian Head. If the SE wind becomes a problem you can camp along the beackfront at Waddy point with access to Waddy point rocks with ease which will produce all the normal critters from Bream, Whiting, Dart, Tailor and even the odd reefie. If conditions are right a nice live bait off here has done well in the past. Any of the gutters between Waddy point and Sandy Cape are always a worth a throw with a surprise catch common. Not sure if you can get past Nakala Rocks ATM but if you can its worth the drive even if the fish are not there. If you camp up at waddy point you can also take the drive over to the western beach via Wathumba Creek(Take bug spray). Always worth flicking Plastics as this place is know for BIG Flathead. Another nice spot a mate put me onto is Warolie Creek and to get there you need to turn right off the beach about 1km north of the Maheno wreck. will take about 45mins to drive across but once there it is magic if se blowing. Good whiting and once again if you can catch a nice winter whiting or 2 keep them alive, hint hint! As you are a first timer on the Island I would strongly suggest that you camp around Dundaburra Camp ground as you are central to alot of things. Like I said the wind has alot of effect on where yu fish so good luck! Some pics would be nice on your return. Tight lines and as they say, don't destroy what you have come to enjoy!

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    Re: Heading up to Fraser at end of June

    G,day Simon,I live in Hervey Bay and heading over in early June,reports coming in from bottom end of Island Hook point is eroded fairly bad,get your low tides spot on,hour each side should get you through ok otherwise it's the inland track.They are catching good jew along gutters north of Happy valley,probably because of all the coffee rock along the gutters,we have found when coffee rock exposed fishing is fantastic,at times we have even caught squire from the beach.Ngakala rocks is passable but with caution,good fishing on northern side,school jew,bream,sweetlip.If you get a chance head over to western beach,heaps of flathead.Hope this helps,have a great time cause I know we do!

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