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    Why Do They Do It???

    Walked on the local beach and smelled something dead; looked in the bushes at the edge of the beach and found a stinking guitar fish. It was only about 75 cm long.
    A week later, saw the remains of a stingray, minus tail; it had a couple of stab marks, as well.

    I wonder at the mentality of some "fishos".

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    Re: Why Do They Do It???


    "I wonder at the mentality of some "fishos"

    I think you may mean Ferals..............

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    Re: Why Do They Do It???

    Just like the pile of mutilated catfish left sitting on the pontoon at Oxley creek on Friday Those morons give fishing & fishermen a bad name! It is no wonder some members of the community want fishing banned from public areas and beaches!

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    Re: Why Do They Do It???

    Why do they do it?

    Ask this guy

    The grinnermaster

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