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    Re: How/What to blame the wife for?

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    if not I can see where 6k comes from for a reco/new box,,, what are you exactly buying for the boat that you don't want to tell the Mrs about ????
    Choppaaaaa,,, you made my day,,, I have been thinking about the gen2 hds side scan,,,why didnt I think of this before

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    Re: How/What to blame the wife for?

    I'm building a new concrete driveway and was going to streeeeetch the price a bit but thought that might be obvious but now that she has asked for a new kitchen my problem has been sold, not sure how to hide new electronics etc from her.

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    Re: How/What to blame the wife for?

    Mate. I'd take the blame for that one.
    Save blaming her for something really big. Like it was her that wanted/needed/had to have the toilet in the new boat. You were happy with the tiny tinny weren't you??

    Cheers Alfred
    I intend on living far so good

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