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Thread: mullet frames

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    mullet frames

    i have a foam esky 3 parts full of mullet frames ,gut etc, free to anyone who makes their burley...
    must be picked up today or its tossed


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    Re: mullet frames

    Where are you at ian?
    There are only two moments in time.... There's now, and there's too late.

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    Re: mullet frames

    victoria point

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    Re: mullet frames

    bit far for me sorry mate.
    There are only two moments in time.... There's now, and there's too late.

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    Re: mullet frames

    no worries mate

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    Re: mullet frames

    bugga IF only i could have gotten over there,

    ah well

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    Re: mullet frames

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! i've just flown back to work bummer. I would have been down to your shop in a shot sid_fishes. I hope you get someone to take them and well done for offering in the first place.
    Cheers Axl

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    Re: mullet frames

    Hi Ian, I'll grab 'em Mate, this afternoon OK?

    Only on the provision you take at least ten bucks for them!!

    About 2 - 3 pm be alright? Don't let them go as you have my word I won't let you down and leave you stuck with them!!

    Better go and clean out my freezer and make room for them!


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    Re: mullet frames

    mate they went yesterday. but ive just seen this and ill being doing more filletting tomorrow ,so ill let you know
    sorry mate

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