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    Cracker of a Fishing Story - Barra at Colleges Crossing


    Heard a great rumour from a fairly reliable source that 2 barra have been caught recently at
    Colleges Crossing - both around the 80cm mark on bait.

    Just throwing it out there, can anyone confirm

    Cheers Budgebass

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    Re: Cracker of a Fishing Story - Barra at Colleges Crossing

    wouldn't surprise me,,, if you google "Barramundi Colleges Crossing" a few reports from a couple of years back come up,,, and there is also a report here in AF on the Barra that was "handnetted" right here in the Pumicestone Passage (believed to have propellor strike damage,, it was flapping around on top of the water when netted)

    Caloundra and Maroochydore waterrs have a hand full of Barra catches over the past few years,,, so for Colleges Crossing to once again spring up,,, no surprise

    Barra can actually travel great distances,,, reports on tag and release forums sometimes even surprise me,,, whether its part of El Nino,,, Global Warming,, or whatever else catching a Barra in the Brisbane River may soon be part of each fishing trip (hopefully)
    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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