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Thread: info on mackay

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    info on mackay

    just moved up to mackay with 4 metre tinny just hoping for some advice and what you would reccomend doing in a boat that size ?

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    Re: info on mackay

    Watching out for the crocs.

    Just joking There is the Pioneer river and all the creeks plus Round Top, Flat Top and Slade Islands. Plus the harbour wall, Slade rock, Dangerous reef and Riechelmans reef all within eye sight of the shore. There are several shoals a bit further offshore and if the weather is really good Keswick and St bees islands about 30km out.

    Then there is Victor Creek and all the islands out at Seaforth about a 40 minute drive or so north.
    get the North Australian Fish finder and chat to the guys at Tackle World for more info.
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    I would start out at sea forth and look aroun

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