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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Trev re the rod tips,
    I have stopped using the roller with guide and now settle for a 6 - 7 - 8 mm normal (but heavy duty) rod guide

    this is my order below.
    Just add 5 min araldite. Its good to carry spares out with you too

    Qty Name SKU Price Total
    3 Fuji O Ring Boat & LBG Tip BUOT 8/3.0mm-12/7.0mm
    Size: 12/7.0mm (= $8.90)
    BUOT 8/3.0-12/7.0 AUD $8.90 AUD $26.70

    SubTotal : AUD $26.70
    Shipping and Handling Fee : AUD $15.00

    Total: AUD $41.70

    Tax Total : AUD $2.43

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.


    You buy the fuji guides and take a couple spare with 5 minute araldite just in case you wind up to the tip and break it?

    I have seen the rigs wound up to the tip runners like I showed (one on my rod and one on another rod we used last trip) and they can take that kind of attack with 150lb or 200lb line with no sign of distress.
    Last trip I saw it twice break 150lb and 200lb line losing the rigs but not the tip runner.
    My reservations about a runner that will be destroyed are not just the cost of buying and taking spares but the stuffing about at sea when you are annoyed enough to have lost a rig rather than damaged a rod as well.

    Just with the reo - thanks for that advice.
    32 dia bars are 6.3kg/m hence 0.2m weigh 1.26kg rather than 2kg.
    So 2kg using a 32 dia bar would be 320mm long.
    Not trying to be smart - but I have the weight table here infront of me - it's my job as an engineer.


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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    I use "just damp" brickies loam, works well enough.....they don't need to be pretty.....
    Spot on about the broom handle
    I just knock a few out if I need them when doing other sinkers.

    Reo bar is much simpler if you don't mind some rust in the boat.

    S***fish & chippy

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