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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Quote Originally Posted by onerabbit View Post
    As per onerabbits post, which I just read
    We went to the drop off at the shelf one day and the sounder was picking up the bottom at 990 feet then some one took the seafloor away and the sounder couldnt pick up the bottom but it was a cliff thats for sure

    Yep Uncle Steve, that's the canyon, supposed to drop a couple of Ks.....but holds some big fish., my Furuno went from 380 mtrs to a straight line down.
    (but that's not the good spot).

    I have a question for Spot 82...
    at the previously mentioned spot, I caught a Blue Eye around the same as you have pictured, mine was around 15 kg, how did you find it to eat?

    Mine was pure white flesh, firm, & looked the business.....
    sadly, it was tasteless crap, not even the cat would eat it.

    I would also like your opinion on the BGs you have pictured,
    what are they like as table fish at 35kg?

    I guess we are lucky that our target fish is Bar Cod, which we get to nearly 20kg, at that size they are still one of the BEST eating fish you will find,
    second only to "caught that day" coral trout, which I believe is the best fish you can get anywhere.

    Hey Muzz , Can I chip in uninvited?

    My wife is the real deal in the kitchen, a real Margaret Fulton type ( for those old enough to remember).
    Sunday we had a 20 kg blue eye trevalla, filleted on the day then left to firm up overnight in the fridge, sliced diagonal into steaks about 3/4"thick.
    Browned on a griddle plate both sides, then into 200 degrees for about 15 minutes on a tray . Important to keep checking and take out when still JUST pink in the middle.
    Served up with a lemon beurre blanc sauce (if you dont mind!) and salad, plus potato casserole. Served 15 adults. Top Top feed. as good as I have ever had. the real trick is getting the fish off the heat early.

    Last night had hapuka , half of a 15 kg fish.
    Straight off the pan and onto the plate with lemon and fresh bread
    Aw my Gawd! Fed 6 adults, all very satisfied
    So go your hardest boys they are a damn good feed at that size.
    Go The Maroons

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.


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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Who's going out to the shelf blind after that comment?

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.


    need 10 characters, how do i change that..

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.


    Mate please dont send me out there blind I will not mention another word about how great that NSW team is. ( But QLD is Simply the Best!!!). Now since you seem to be the Chief organiser and weatherman what day, month, year is this going to happen. And dont forget to look at that moon calendar as well as all these things have to line up apparently. Looking at some of the photos that are posted Geez this could hurt. ( But i'm a QLDer and i'm tough ) Oops did I mention Qld again.. Sorry mate!We would want to know a month mate so we could prebook the Chiropractor. Cheers Bill

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Alright games over, can we all be friends again for a few more weeks?

    Truth be told Bill I've got absolutely no idea when this is going to happen.....for starters I work away for 4 weeks at a time so that really limits the days it could happen as a group and secondly the weather has to be good and thirdly the moon has to be good and fourthly I feel a bit ripped off by the ref last night.

    I'm home on Sunday and going by the weather forecast thus far for next week I can only imagine it wont happen this time I'm home.

    So realistically I reckon all you blokes that have real jobs should just go when the weather is good one weekend rather than me setting a date.Being such a long trip and a hard fishing style to try and master in the best of conditions it might just be best to go at the drop of a hat when the planets align.

    If not.....there seems to be a few boats that want to go so if you want I can organise a specific date when I'm home and we can just all hope the weather plays the game for that date.......the weathers always good on M&G's isn't it?

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Only when Brett doesn't organize it.

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Yup I am staying out of the When and the Weather forecasts for this event !!

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    No dramas with the blue eye at that size, I ate some that night crumbed and friend had hers baked with lemon and pepper and some the night after which Sean battered and both was good, I cut it into steaks about 10-15mm thick so that it cooked very quickly and as mentioned you don't want to over cook it as it will go tough like boot leather.

    Both myself and Vertico reckon the blue eye was good, better than snapper but not quite up there with reds and trout, but we are spoilt! I have also heard that you should leave it in the fridge over night as per Brendans post, but I had no drama with eating it that night. My friend isn't a fish eater and only eats Reds and trout etc because they don't have a fishy taste and she also like it.

    Everyone I have spoke to reckon the Blue eye is far better eating than the Bass Groper.

    When we trolled Cape Moreton Canyons for Sunny Coast Game Comp last year we marked some really good ledges in around 300-350m of water, wasn't in my boat so don't have any of the marks but the mark I gave off the chart is in the right area.

    With a group of boats you will be able to cover a fair area and should have no dramas finding some structure to fish.



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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Cheers for the chip in Tenzing, & spot 82

    I dont know what i did wrong with it then....

    I did the same as you, cut it in diagonal slices about 3/4in thick,
    definitely didn't overcook it.......but it was crap,
    like I said, even the cat turned his nose up at it.

    I have been told that Blue Eye should be left in an ice slurry for a couple of days to improve it before cutting it up, this from the guy at the local seafood shop,
    he even offered to keep one for me to see the diference,
    but I have only found Blue Eye on the big drop off previously mentioned,
    so I tend not to go there.

    I would rather a good box full of Bar Cod,
    like I said, they are nearly as good as coral trout.

    Will put up a few pics when Im not so tired.


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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy Toes View Post
    Who's going out to the shelf blind after that comment?
    I'm a cockroach born and bred......
    now can i get a spot on the boat ??????

    those MORONS (i'm sorry, maroons) don't deserve it!
    S***fish & chippy

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Anthony maybe try to organise a date for this. It will give us all some thing to look foward too like the 2nd game but do not call this aM&G as the weather gods look for these words now also I"m blind& you are the seeing eye dog BITCH,,, haaaha so cannot do this without you. the weather has turned to crap again hopefully this cold spell might bring the water temp down & the fish on cheers bill

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Not sure what date Fishfeeder is looking at to do the Inskip M&G but what about July 7th for this little adventure?

    That will be the next time I'm home apart from this week and we all know what the weather looks like for the week.

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    mate Ithink fishfeeder is still looking at 30th June

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    Re: Ooglies of the deep.

    Okay lads im bringing this thread up as i have it on good authority that i am heading out some time week commencing 13 aug 2012
    why this date you ask? why not and it give me time to organise tackle etc plus be home for the event.
    I have decided im leaving from tweed as its about the closest to the shelf (read bugmans posts) if anyone has any other info on this please elaborate. Plan of attack
    1. head east till the bottom drops away
    2. drift troll till i find structure (starter marks-dont have these yet)
    3. drop bait and wait
    4. watch deckies wind while i video tape. (may help with the gaff)
    5. come home hopefully with an esky or 2 full

    Shy guys are interested as well in this adventure
    Mossy may be a deckie if still keen...
    Muddy you going to be home at this time.
    Obviously open for anyone else keen to get out there blind... (hopefully someone with a 1kw tranny.
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