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    Salt water tying??

    What sort of head cement/ epoxy do people use on their salt water flies. I haven't tied anything up in years and was just wanting to get a few opinions. So far i'm looking at Mud Hole for my supplies but if anyone has others they could recommend that would be great too. Thanks.

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    Re: Salt water tying??

    I use devcon 5min epoxy,tiewell headset and vinyl cement. There is some gear around now that you put on your fly and it wont harden till it is set with a uv light. havent tried it myself. Ben

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    Re: Salt water tying??

    Loon and Clear cure Goo make the UV stuff, Ben. It's good stuff but tends not to go off completely. Just give it a coat of Sally Hansen's and it's all set. Its also good for making surf candy's, etc. I use head cement then a coat of Sally Hansen's to finish my flies if that's any help.

    The best advice is to go and see Duncan and Janelle at Fish Head - they have everything you need and are always very helpful.

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    Re: Salt water tying??

    Hi Matt i got the updated improved tac free clear cure goo but still a little tacky but some time in the full sun and bingo no tack at all,cheers chris.

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