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    Offshore Mooloolaba

    Yesterday appeared to be a slow day offshore judging by the banter on the radio. Heard a few AF members chattering away and I don't think they did much good either.

    Left M'ba at 6am on Smithy's charter..magnificent weather all day and plenty were out there.

    The fishing was rather slow..I only got 5 average fish..but the day out there was worth the effort. Beautiful one day..perfect the next.

    Smithy, as per usual, worked hard to try and get us on the fish but they didn't want to play the game.

    Will always give Smithy a plug as he runs a good operation.

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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    must have been a day late mate. us and a few mates were out fri arvo and got an esky full. they went off just on dark...

    cheers, aaran.

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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    You weren't alone pinhead. We went out from Noosa early yesterday - stayed out until 1;00pm fished around North Reef mostly. Sounded around for an hour to try and find some fish. Fond a small show - anchored up - only got undersize everything including the tiniest little snaps - they were sooooo cute.

    We moved 5 or 6 times; drifted for a couple of hours as well - Nothing.

    There were a couple of "Charters boats around and they didn't seem to be catching much either.

    Couple of guys we spoke to back at the ramp - also had a quiet day. Which is good - hate getting back to the ramp and everyone else has bagged out while you have caught zip!!


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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    WOuld have been a top day for it Greg, couldnt have picked a better day, how does Smithys new boat go?
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    Tough fishing. Good enough shows. Tried everything. Always had a plastic and a floater on the go and a couple of bottom bashers. Went chasing AJs at one stage. Had to share the spot with another boat. They were there but snapped a hook on one and Paul got dusted a couple of times as well. Think that spooked them.

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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    Some good pearlies there Smithy.

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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    It was a great day on the water Saturday. Starting to feel a bit bad about putting our report up though. Spot82, the crew and I were throwing them back as we bagged out- both on numbers and size (over 75cm). Maybe we were just on the hotspot but there was plenty of boats around. Thought everyone would have been smashing them. I will get Anthony to post some pics and report today. Good work Pinhead and Smithy for getting a reasonable catch though.

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    Re: Offshore Mooloolaba

    Yep i was out on saturday too off rainbow beach, same problem. Plenty of show but no go, the run in the water was pretty rank too.

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