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Thread: Tragic Accident

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    Tragic Accident

    Greg Couldwell died on Monday while spearfishing off Moreton Is. It is a tragedy beyond description.
    A husband-, a diver exraordinaire,- a friend. A man I am proud to have known. God Bless

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    Thoughts and prayer to family and friends and to the the Rescue attempts made by everyone.

    Do you know what the full story is of what happened?

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    Didn't know the man, however my thoughts to yourself and his family and friends.

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    like wise,thoughts are with his family.godbless

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    Heard this on the news, thoughts are with all family and friends involved.

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    Most sincere sympathies to all family and friends.
    From what I have read, an heroic recovery by his friends in very difficult circumstances.

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    Only that it is thought to be a shallow water blackout. Greg was a very good and experieced diver. He regularly dove to 28mts and could dive to 40.He was a really nice guy and was a good friend who we will miss

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    Sincere condolences to to family and friends. Was he an Ausfish member?

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    Re: Tragic Accident

    R.I.P. Greg Couldwell

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