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    Offshore pin Thursday

    Hi all, fished 150-170ft zone on the reefs about 10k off the pin, sadly expectations were higher than results, had fresh squid and just caught tailor for bait but only managed a bag of small Trag. Released a heap of undersize Trag but never caught a fish of any other species (other than the 2 choppers i used for bait) which was strange, had hoped for a few squire, hope others did better. Current was really moving.
    Impressions of the bar were that the channel had narrowed and the sandbars were extending a bit further out, just me or anyone else think similar?.

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    Re: Offshore pin Thursday

    I haven't been out of the pin bar for a while now but can bouch for the bar changing all the time
    especially with all the crap weather we have had.
    I have fished that area for 8 or more years and it aint the place it was years ago.
    At the same token i have my honey holes that i discovered over that time that do hold fish.
    You have answered my question of maybe heading out there for an overnighter on the weekend.
    Cheers Mick

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    Re: Offshore pin Thursday

    Hi rib, I went last Friday,
    bar was a bit lumpy ,,
    the sand banks I agree are further out and I think slowly moving south, in close were nice conditions but out wide the southerly wind had white caped up the water, couple of hours for 1 x squire, a little tricky trying to find the entrance to the bar from behind a breaking bar, and the time the channel only 10m -20m wide,

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    Re: Offshore pin Thursday

    Hi Fish_two, mate i think id be lost without the gps track going through the pin and especially the approach back through, i dont think ill be trying it at all unless its a decent flood tide and very little swell, theres just to much distance to cover when its shitty. Thanks for your info. Weather is looking ok this week and im tempted to go again but maybe hunt around for some ground further out as the last few trips to the closer reefs have been disappointing.

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