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    Moreton bay flathead?

    Anyone ever got a flathead in moreton bay?
    ive caught all sorts but never a flattie!
    snapper, bream, hammerhead, shovelnose, bronze whaler, stingie, evan a vast amberjack!
    just never a flattie! any tips much appreciated!!!

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    Ive picked up a couple around mud is before if thats any help

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    gday mate I fish quite often around mud island and have landed a few nice flattie by chance only a couple of weeks ago.
    I was trolling the edges of the under water rock groins on the western side of mud with 2-4m diving lures. the flattie seemed to be sitting a bit off the edges in about 4-5m . Im pretty sure where i was has sandy patches between the mud and weed. I havent had a crack yet at mud but I imagin the usual 5' plastics slowly worked slowly in the same sought of area would work as well. Ps i find in clear water use blue , green or natural coloured lures.

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    there are plenty there but a specialised approach is often required. the sand banks around dunwich hold good numbers, most good looking banks in the southern bay are good and the beach south of tangalooma has logs littered through that the flathead seem to hold around. Here's one that went 65cm and 2.2kg I got at amity walking a sandbank in January on a soft plastic.

    Hope this helps and good luck
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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    metalhead, got one went about 60 - Pearl Channel off scarborough 14m deep couple years ago, mate of mine did the same, same spot around that time
    And as the others said, there are always a few gettin caught at Mud

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    All gravel patches around Manly hold some decent flatties, and the channel at Tingalpa!

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    Try throwing a plastic around mud mate I often catch a few flatty off the drops trying to catch snapper. I usually fish something with abit of tail action in 4" and 1/4 or 3/8 jigs depending on water flow.... Can sometimes get a snapper too which isn't a bad bycatch to chasing flatties.

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    Thanks to all!
    i rekkon i preety set now!

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    One of the best places for blue spots flatties is the rainbow ch and the banks between peel and goat island

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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    Plenty of places.

    I have caught a few around the northern bays at Mud Island and around markers and beacons such as at the Lockyer Light at the bottom of Green Island.

    Cast to get your bait to drift on the bottom past the base of a beacon.

    In some of these places, you might lose a few hooks and sinkers as there is some rough stuff below, say at the Lockyer Light, but that's fishin'.

    Take care around beacons when the current runs though.


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    Re: Moreton bay flathead?

    webby's right about the rainbow channel or a flattie spot. never seen a blue spot but plenty of sandies. legal's only 30cm on them so it's pretty easy to accumulate a feed. gotta use pretty big sinkers though, it is 20-25m deep. I find that smack bang in the middle of the channel drifting past the Amity rockwall to be the best spot in that stretch.
    good luck

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