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    Rider of the Year Awards (Vid)

    Thought some you Yak riders might enjoy this.. Just need to see what tricks they can do with a rod in their hand! - (2:10min is )

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    Re: Rider of the Year Awards (Vid)

    some of those people have huge Kahunas................

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    Re: Rider of the Year Awards (Vid)

    I nearly shat myself when i went over a big wave from a boat!!!
    I would be dead by the time I reached the bottom of the waterfall from fear.

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    Re: Rider of the Year Awards (Vid)

    This is an amazing video, have watched it twice now.

    Thanks for sharing! Might have to start practicing on my kayak to see if i can compete for next years title.


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    Re: Rider of the Year Awards (Vid)

    Where would they be without gravity?

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    Re: Rider of the Year Awards (Vid)

    Anyone see the guys doing the Palouse falls on 60mins the other night?

    Not the same guys but the same falls - world record 186ft

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