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    Noosa Spanish

    Juna & I trolled out to Chardons today for not a hit. Shot back into Sunshine Reef & anchored up. Great shows on sounder, but barely a touch. Had a floater out the back & away she went. 10 minutes later landed this 17kg Spanish, with a small spotty being the only other addition. Can someone ID the bluey coloured fish for me please??
    Why is there always one tosser at the ramp? Noosa's only got a small patch of sand to pull up on. As I came in, a guy had his boat sideways taking up all the sand, so I waited & did a few laps while they got it trailered. As they cleared the sand, I headed in only to be cut off by a tinny, missing my bow by less than 1m, & then he takes up all the sand. I lapped again(fuming) & then he shifted a bit so I slid in. I told him I nearly cut him in half & in future, wait your turn(said nicely, but firmly) Go & get the trailer & as I pull up, the bloke I spoke to's mate was putting their boat on the trailer. He obviously told him what I said so I promptly copped a spray. Handbrake on, down the ramp & suggested if he has something to say, get out of his boat & tell me to my face. More dribble coming from him. As I jump back in the car to back down, he yells at Juna telling her I'm all talk & no action(I didn't know this at the time) Juna suggests nicely not to push my buttons, & yes, he will flog you publicly, & enjoy it. As I get out, he is still mouthing off, even after Junas warning. I tell him if he is going to shoot off at the mouth, he better be prepared to back it up, because I sure am. He didn't like being stood up in front of his mate & a crowd & jumped in the car & knocked off. There seems to be one in every crowd. Annoying way to end a good day. The one with the bananas just proves that bananas are GOOD to have on a boat!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    great report & there always has to be one tosser around to spoil a good day out.

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    well i never have seen a bannana wear a blue shirt and sun glasses before but there always a first.
    blue fish looks like a fusslier of some sort and very similar to a bannana fish go figure.
    bannana man.
    oh yeah nice espaniolia

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Bananas, in Boatarama.

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Nice span, soz about the tossers. Love the bananas, i don't believe that myth either and often smuggle out a banana just for fun. Fussilier i reckon.

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Great spanno, mate.

    How's the water looking around the headland? Still dirty?

    As for the smarta&se, I'm glad it didn't escalate. It's never worth it. Fighting on the street usually leads to two places - hospital, or jail. Either way there is no winner.


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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Nice fish! Heard you on the radio yesterday. I'm surprised that you had a problem at the ramp. Noosa was quiet yesterday, especially for a public holiday! We didn't spin a reel.

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Cuzzamundi- it would never have escalated into a fight. Clowns like that don't have the back bone, hence thats why he was in his boat on the trailer mouthing off. Water in the river was filthy still(surprising) but once just offshore she cleaned up pretty well
    Getout- Couldn"t believe how empty the ramp was on departure. We left at 7.30 & the carpark wouldn"t have been half full. As you say, for a public holiday, it was dead. Probably the Seabreeze prediction put a few off. Willyweather showed half of what Seabreeze predicted, so we chose to follow Willyweather. Good call as it ws pretty good.
    Got back at 2pm & obviously thats when quite a few decided to hit the ramp.
    Doesn't sound like much was caught at all, listening to the radio.

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Nice Spano Tony....finally!!! I totally agree with you regarding the Noosa ramp. There is loads of sand at the Western Ramp end which is for smaller boats but all the tossers seem to use the tiny patch that we need to launch and retrieve our 6m+ boats. Some guys beach up and clean their fish there, drives me insane. Noosa needs floating pontoons BADLY. Cheers, Dave

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    Yep always one in the crowd that thinks they got the right to be a selfish bit of turd that's for sure. Good on you for giving him a sray though some people are just ignorant if no one informs them of their poor choices they shall continue to make them.
    Great catch and looks like a good day out on the boat, even if it was with Eric the Banana man.
    cheers for sharing buddy - tight lines

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    I've got a horrible feeling I'm going to regret putting the banana photo in!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Noosa Spanish

    I eat em on the boat all the time mate. As long as you dont have Avacado's on board, no problem.

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