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Thread: Yak hoo's

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    Re: Yak hoo's

    way to go again carnster. i did a double take on the thread title (going blind) reading "yak hoons" instead of yak hoos. now i see what it's about you could've called it that anyway. you would have been doing a fair speed behind that beast. lucky you didn't get your yak confiscated for 24 hours.
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: Yak hoo's

    Geez Carnster, Im 8000kms away from australia and I still hear about you catching big fish outa the yak,
    Gonna have to rattle your bucket again if this keeps up m8
    cheers, steve,

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    Re: Yak hoo's

    Carnster what a trip and what a hoo indead. Well done boyz good day out there. Cheers DD.....

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    Re: Yak hoo's

    Great fish as always Carnster!


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    Re: Yak hoo's

    I think its time you invested in a GoPro- Would love to see some footage of the fishin and paddleouts from the yak. Sounds awesome!

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