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    Re: Whiting in Moreton Bay

    Where are you guys fishing? I am flying home from work today and I will probably try the Rouse and or the Sandhills towards the end of the week.
    Cheers Axl

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    Re: Whiting in Moreton Bay

    Hi Axl......I have been around the ROUS but not sure where the Sandhills are. Please let me know how you go and if you catch any what bait/plastics are you using?


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    Re: Whiting in Moreton Bay

    Sandhills is Morton island area my dad said the winter whiting will hit in 2 weeks.. I trust him cause he been fishing for 40 years and well most greek fishing ppl know stuff..
    I couldn't catch them on sp's.. they would only bite on sp's if they were very hungry.. We couldn't get worms so here is a lil tip.. Use beef heart.. you can buy a big heart in coles for $3.50 then just cut it into strips to make it look like worms.. and whiting love it.. We used it and it was like cast in and catch straight away. Plus it will last longer then worms, stays on the line longer and it's cheaper.

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    Re: Whiting in Moreton Bay

    Good tip.....thanks heaps mate.

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