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    Buyer beware springwood marine

    Hello fellow AUSFISH Members just wanted to pass on a recent dealing I had with Springwood Marine last September I decided to purchase a Suzuki 140hp outboard from them as Suzuki were offering 2 GMI 10 gauges if bought by end of September so I paid for the motor and I let them know I wouldnt need to take ownership of the outboard straight away as I was getting a New plate alloy boat built by Origin Boats and I hadnt finished the finalation of design with them and it wouldnt be ready till into the new year as they had other boats in the building pipeline and I was prepared to wait for a good quality boat made to my liking anyhow the first thing to happen with Springwood Marine was the booking in of my boat to get the motor fitted as already paid for this to so Steve from Origin booked my boat in on the 28/3/12 and was given a fitting date of the 16/4/12 but when the time came around Steve contacted Springwood Marine and they said they hadnt any booking for my boat to have motor fitted aparently after calls from me and Steve again he found out the person who had taken the booking and many other bookings hadnt followed Springwood proceedures for booking in boats and then this person went of holidays for 3 weeks no Apoligy for this mix up on there side anyhow I then put forward to Springwood Marine I would get Col from Origin Boats to fit my motor if they can get it up to him as he has fitted many Suzuki outboards this is where more dramas started the outboard arrived on the 17/4/12 on a pallet face down (picture supplied) the motor was already filled with oil and oil was noticed on the pallet which is a bad sign caused by way motor shipped to Col on further inspection Col noticed salistic on the engine mounts which ment motor had been fitted to another boat abit more inspection he noticed the battery leeds had been connected to a battery and the water flush port could taste salt water Col rang me straight away to let me know his findings and he wasnt going to fit it which I am so greatful as I HAD PAID FOR A BRAND NEW MOTOR NOT A SECOND HAND OR DEMO MOTOR I was pissed off how could Springwood Marine do this to me Im just so glad I decided to get Origin Boats to fit it as if the boat did go to Springwood Marine they would have just fitted this motor and I would be none the wiser to having a SECOND HAND MOTOR ( wonder how many other people get the same thing happen to them and they wouldnt know any different) anyhow i rang Springwood Marine spoke to the Manager and told him he just said knew nothing about this being sent I told him i refuse to accept a SECOND HAND OR DEMO MOTOR I had paid for a BRAND NEW MOTOR so he said he would get me a New Motor and he would look into it still NO APOLIGY so had to wait again for new motor to show up all this was mucking Origin Boats and Myself around as I had orginised my R & R to pick up the boat that week but that didnt bother Springwood Marine they didnt care then there was the missing digital wiring harness for the motor which wasnt delivered to Origin Boats when i rang Springwood they said that they had sent it and that Origin Boats had it and they must of lost it after several calls back to Springwood Marine they checked again and found they still had the harness and blamed Suzuki as the original motor they got, the harness was on back order and when they Suzuki finally sent it to them they put the wrong invoice number on it so they reckon they didnt know it was for my motor YEA YEA I thought more lies after all the other ones anyhow I would certainly never reccommend SPRINGWOOD MARINE TO ANYONE AFTER ALL THE DRAMA AND TIME LOST AND COSTS TO ME IN TRAVEL AND BOAT COULDNT BE READY IN MY R & R BECAUSE OF SPRINGWOOD MARINE STUFFUPS AND NEVER A APOLIGY FOR THERE MISTAKES JUST WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.

    On the good side I would throughly reccommend COL AND STEVE AND THERE CREW AT ORIGIN BOATS IN CLONTARF for there quick pick up of these problems and helping me sort it out they are a top bunch of blokes and the quality of the boats they build are terrific plenty of attention to detail and nothing is to hard for them when you want something special designed in the boat you want ot build so if you are looking for a top quality plate alloy boat I would most certainly reccommend ORIGIN BOATS IN CLONTARF
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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Wow mate not good news, Lucky they didn't end up fitting it as you may have never found out!

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    mate that 140hp suzuki you got first up could of been the same motor i made them take off my kc 5 days b4 xmas as it was makin all sorts of noises on the water test when i repowered my cat....they worked on it for a full day and couldn't find the issue with it so i made them take it off.well done to col for not fitting it...more than likely a lemon of an outboard.....
    cheers rosco

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Not good news but at least you spotted it before it got fitted. Maybe worth a strong but polite letter to Suzuki regarding the quality (or lack of) of customer service you received and expressing your disatisfaction?

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    I could not read this post. Learn to use some punctuation.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Well i hope you bought Col a beer,

    Definatly contact suzuki with your story.........I'm sure they would like to know.
    Confidence.......the feeling you get before you fully understand the situation.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Don't let a lack of punctuation hold you back from posting information to help others.

    We appreciate hearing of your experiences, good or bad.


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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Glad you got it sorted in the end, I know how frustrating it is.

    I had a similar experience with a local boatyard when I bought a new boat and motor and they offered me an upgrade motor for extra $$$.

    I should have picked it when there were some obvious marks on the "new" motor. Also They said there were no special instructions for running in motor and I didnt have to worry about that. Boat yard did first few services and mechanic slipped one day and said oh you are here for your 200 hr and I said no its only the 100, he says you sure and nothing else said.

    I take boat to another mechanic later on after this yard charged for a repair and didnt fix the motor and the new mechanic says that there is 60 more hours on the motor than the clock.

    Finally it all makes sense, they put a used motor with 60 hours on my new boat and charged me a few grand more for the "upgrade"

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr__Bean View Post
    Don't let a lack of punctuation hold you back from posting information to help others.

    We appreciate hearing of your experiences, good or bad.

    Exactly, it is not an english class.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Mate sorry to here your story everyone's nightmare come true that is but your lucky origin boats picked up on it full credit to them they must actually care about the customer unlike springwood marine. I had dramas with them last year all was sorted but they did not give me a free service they offered me on following service that the owner of springwood posted up on here (ausfish) instead post got deleted. Sorry to hear you miss fortune

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Dodgy as. They are not doing themselves any favours with that f@#k cluster of cockups. I don't know how they can do that, what a burglar. I would be getting a hold of Suzuki expressing my dissatisfaction for the misleading representation of suzuki products also a formal apology from springwood marine. I would of marched in got my coin back and told them to shove the used outboard up their bung holes! You would have more than a case with the office of fair trading if springwood wanted to play hardball.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    While that first sentence is pretty long it makes sense. Thanks for taking the trouble to let people know about Springwood Marine and Origin. I think what Springwood did is straight out fraud and should be prosecuted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrah Jack View Post
    ...I think what Springwood did is straight out fraud and should be prosecuted.
    Yep. If true I couldn't agree more. It's hard to imagine that could happen by accident.

    If it was an accident they would have been bending over backwards to apologise and sweeten you till back on board with them.

    But their argue and keep quite attitude seems to reveal them. It appears that they tried to steal money and engine life/quality from you. I reckon you should contact the police and ask if it's fraud.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Suzuki Marine Australia should be notified of this issue as they have signed on with Springwood Marine to supply outboards. I'm sure they would not be very impressed if they knew a dealership they were doing business with was falsely supplying "USED" outboards and palming them off as "NEW" outboards.

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    Who cares about the punctuation , not me thanks for the heads up on crap service . It will be interesting to see if spring wood come on here to defend themselves as they have done so before, on what's been said here they are not doing themselves any favors in a tough market and again ORIGIN BOATS appear to be a clas above the rest , good work boys Matt 👏👏👏
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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