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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Rosco I know you have paper work with that serial number on it, I thought Mac chaser said that his paper work had that serial number on it, my apologizes to Mack chaser. Look forward to seeing you on thursday Rosco.

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    Um, I am a bit confused now... Did SM do a shonky or not?

    If the serial numbers match does that mean it was deliberate? I honestly don't know, and am hoping someone can clarify for this befuddled observer.

    I still lean towards believing it was a honest mistake. But my mind is open.

    Katcaddy I am going to give you unsolicited advice you can take on board or ignore. It's not a criticism it's a honest attempt to assist.

    Your posts are not clear. This last one could be read as a good intended communication or as a veiled threat. I honestly don't know which.

    In emails and posts you have to go the extra mile with using extra efforts to be polite and clear. Written words don't have the tone and body language that spoken does and so context must be explicitly supplied.

    If I was a media advisor ( I am not) I would advise that harm is happening here to your business and you need to clearly and openly address all the points raised in this thread. It's not a good idea to just sort it out one on one anymore.

    I only say all this because I want the best for your business, the boating public, and your employees.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    i'm with you Mr Walrus, I simply can't see a long standing business risking it all and knowingly sending someone a used motor when they had purchased it to be brand new and unused. They even knew it was going to a reputable boat builder who would know what he was looking at. Surely there's no way they would be that silly. I guess the only person who can really verify the story is the guy up north who scored himself a brand new motor for a demo price. So I too think it was a genuine mistake that is simply highlighting some issues with the storage and despatch procedures at Springwood Marine, and is probably nothing more sinister than that.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    What would I do if I was trying to 'offload' an allegedly shonky engine as brand new?

    Well I'd put it on a Suzuki packing stand inside a Suzuki packing box after having the oil drained and the mounts cleaned and touched up like new. I'm sure most dealers would have a pile of stands and boxes out the back or a new motor they could take out of the box/stand and re use. Also, they would have someone about with the skills to do a little touch up job. Easy.

    It's one thing to accuse a dealer of being shonky. It's a totallly different thing to accuse them of not only being shonky, but to be incompetent at it! Leading me to think that this dealership is not that shonky in their practices. Badly opperated - maybe? Poor inter-staff communication - probably.

    I feel that Springwood Marine has given a plausible explaination for what is a total stuff up - actually a monumentally stupid stuff up! Not everyone can afford to employ Rocket Scientists - mistakes happen.

    Not associated with Springwood Marine in any way. Just my point of view.

    I hope this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Didnt want to comment on this but have decided to, I am interested in the observations of some customers as i thought i was the only one recieving poor service, i have been thinking of selling my kevlacat 2400 and dropped in there in December to let them have a look, salesperson was going to contact me, waited patiently till Febuary hadnt heard anything so rang and sent a couple of emails heard back to one of the emails to cut a long story short have been told lots of people looking for a kevlacat but still no other contact back to me, I wasnt (and definetly not now) prepared to leave my boat in there yard to sell on consignment as i have heard to many stories about other organisations going bust with your goods etc. isnt it funny that if you want to order a new motor or boat you have to pay a deposit because they dont trust you but you are expected to trust them and stick your boat in there hands without a deposit???? and i am not singeling sw out for that i mean any boat sales yard!! Regards Mark

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine


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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    I suggest that any and all of the persons concerned in this matter either print out or save a copy of this thread.
    Too much has been said, factually or surmisedly, that could lead to future consequences. I think this thread may soon be removed from viewing do to the mounting number of allegations.
    I think the time has passed for a happy solution to all.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Guys, please, it was an honest mistake, as one earlier thread has said, if we were trying to deceive or do something illegal we would have done it a lot smarter, it was sent on an open cradle with sika all over the mounts. Two mistakes were made, the first being that our people sent 2 engines to the wrong customers and the second mistake was not fixing it immediately, not a good excuse but I was away and our staff I think went in to panic mode and were not sure how to handle it. That's a problem I now need to fix internally and the buck stops with me and I except that.
    We employ over 20 people and at times mistakes happen and most people except that however its how quickly we rectify the problem is how we are judged and that's fair. To suggest that we are shonky or we have tried to defraud someone is ludicrous, our reputation is of upmost importance to me and to my family who all work in the business. I can only apologize once again and hope that this gets put to bed once and for all. As a footnote, some of the threads here have been posted by opposition dealers who should have a good look at their own businesses.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    I think the mods should lock this thread, and therein will end the innuendos, accusations, truths/untruths. It should be left between the parties involved now, not an open forum. I would urge the mods to lock the thread and end this saga.


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    I reckon what Katcaddy says seems reasonable. Mostly when you suspect skulduggery it's actually just stuff ups.

    Given the nature of Internet usage and the unfortunate name of the thread, I wouldn't be unhappy if the mods renamed it to 'Springwood Marine Misunderstanding' and put a note at front saying a reasonable explanation for mistake is given later.

    I hope it doesn't harm the business and affect people's livelihoods. If I need anything in future I will give Springwood a go.

    I had a tiny business for a short time that went belly up... Given the current economic climate lets try and support local.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Quote Originally Posted by Marlin_Mike View Post
    I think the mods should lock this thread, and therein will end the innuendos, accusations, truths/untruths. It should be left between the parties involved now, not an open forum. I would urge the mods to lock the thread and end this saga.

    Mike, I disagree. I think that so much brand damage has been done to Springwood Marine in this thread and the previous one that no one will be convinced that all is well with that dealership unless we all see proof.

    As I have stated earlier in this thread, I have been a great supporter of SM as evidenced in the other related thread but now even I am not convinced that this dealer currently earns the reputation that it once had.

    Locking the thread would be like holding out a pendulum and trying to assure us that it will return to centre without our seeing it happen.

    It is in the interest of the dealer principal to not have this thread locked and to exhibit in a very open way how the concerns raised here are dealt with.

    I could not recommend the dealership to my mates at this point in time, given all that has been written here. I want to "see" proof that all is well. Honest mistakes are OK but the tone of response last night and the vitriol of people who claim here to be unhappy customers don't sit well with my perceptions of what a good dealership says and does and the customer goodwill that results thereof. Its reputation ought to be such that advocates defend it and I have not seen too much customer advocacy on behalf of Springwood Marine in this thread.


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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Quote Originally Posted by Katcaddy View Post
    never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
    You have the right of reply on this site. Everyone know there are two sides to every story and we want to hear yours. Several allegations have been made. You have partly clarified one of these. We are all waiting for you to tell us your side regarding the other allegations. So what actually happened?
    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    Spaniard King,

    If you or any boat outboard dealer goes broke then that simply proves my point even more.
    I donít have any faith in the marine industry as it stands today. With the many businesses that have gone broke owing not just money but also undelivered engines and hulls, you question my attempt to protect my money that I have worked my arse off for. If a business canít afford to support stock then they simply arenít a viable business and your money isnít secure. We watched the debacle that was fisher 2 and all the deposits that were never paid back, outboards that were also paid in full and never delivered. Therefore, If my paranoia offends you then I will now buy my new Honda from someone else. I have to say this sort of thing pisses me off when the customer or potential customer is made to be a scapegoat as being the cause of the industries pathetic demise. Iím sure that one customers lack of deposit will not and should not end a business, that coffin was nailed close some time before that sale. I have never questioned your integrity but some how you have labeled me as the typical customer who sends businesses broke. Just like Springwood, you have done yourself no real favors

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    almost 10,000 veiws and 10 pages of posts, cant be doing any good SM.

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    Re: Buyer beware springwood marine

    I think that a boating novice could detect that the motor delivered was not new, so I'm reasonably sure that SM would have made a mistake, although that doesn't for one second excuse the customer service that appears to have been dished out. As some have already noted, the owners remarks really do amaze! Family purchased a new boat from them around 6 years ago, and lets just say we have not set foot back in there since! I am amazed that business owners, not singling out SM, do not recognise the importance of customer satisfaction, and customer service. How many times can you go to that well, that is finding first time buyers?

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