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Thread: Off Bundy today

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    Off Bundy today

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ID:	79201The weather was going to play the game,so called a mate to be at my place by 5am.On the water soon after,nice water for the 4.55 Poly for the next 35ks offshore.Got to the mark and a few boats on the mark,so trolled around and found some good shows a few hundred metres away,threw out the pick and started to burley.Got a couple of Whiptails and put them under balloons,not a long wait for the TLD to scream its head off,what a great sound !,a nice Spanish just over the metre.About ten minutes later that scream of the drag again,but it goes around the anchor rope,some quick moves and all is good,another Spanish nearly 1.2m on the mat.My mate got a couple Snapper,Tuskies and Red Throat in this spot.We moved a few hundred metres as things slowed down and anchored again.Live Hussar out this time,a bloke tries to anchor just of my bowsprit,10m at most.He then pulls up the anchor makes heaps of noise and throws out the pick off to one side,we then got 2 more Spanish and some reefies to boot for him to see.Good day in all,stopped on the way home and got a box of cordial to help with the fillet session.

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    nice fish well done

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Did good boys well done.

    Should keep to cook busy with that lot.

    Conditions look gentle.


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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Great report, mate. Was there much fresh about in closer and/or out wide? Cheers.


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    Re: Off Bundy today

    No fresh out wide,beatiful blue salty water

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Thanks for the pics and report Giffo. pm sent.


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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Good stuff mate.

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Top feed there Griffo, well done mate.

    cheers Millsy

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Well done Giffo. Why didnt you give me that mark at Xmas time.

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Mate nice good to see the Macks heading about all over the place the ole reefy is a bit quite on the bottom at moment
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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Great quality Mack's, well done and thanks for the report

    Cheers from boony
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    Re: Off Bundy today

    No secret mark Macca,it was just one of those days that you just can't seem to do a thing wrong ! Oh and the weather plays the game at the same time !

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    Re: Off Bundy today

    Some good spanyards there mate, got some good weather for it hey


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