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    is this a cookie problem

    prior to having the "upgrade meltdown" on my laptop,,, i use to have the Ausfish icon on my homepage and simply clicked on it and it would automatically open the forum without me having to sign in etc etc etc

    now,,, since the IT Tech has had it and restored everything back to Factory Settings i'm experiencing the following

    1. When i open the browser,,, punch in Ausfish addy,,, the site opens,,, i enter username/password,,, click on remember me,,, and the forum opens,,, I then click on "Favorites",,, save the addy to the toolbar and then transfer it to my homepage.

    1a: when i logout,,, and then click on the saved icon,,, the website opens back up at the "enter username/password" section again
    1b: the icon itself,,, once saved to the Favorites Bar,,, its okay,,(you have the Ausfish Fish and the banner surrounding it,,,, BUT once I transfer it to the homepage it changes to a picture of the world
    2a: Arcade,,,,, when Chopjr,,(truly its him) enters Arcade,, the end of the game does not save scores,, and deletes me,,, meaning "username/password" boxes ,,,, so i have to go back to the main forum page and re-enter AGAIN

    I have opened browser and clicked on Tools/ Internet Options,, gone into privacy and opened "sites" and made Ausfish a "trusted site",,,, no change

    I have noticed in this area,,, under "Advanced",,, i have the option to "Overide automatic cookie handling",,,,, whats dat?????

    i'm running IE9,,,, do i delete IE9,,, and get something with better tasting "cookies",,, BUT i didn't have this problem prior to update drama so i don't feel that this is the issue,,, it has to be something in the settings/privacy

    any help/ideas

    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: is this a cookie problem

    Mate get Google chrome!
    None of that crap up the top just the address bar and your page!

    Cookies taste great aswell!

    Careful what websites you view though it shows your most visited pages are when you open it up!
    Dont want your missus seeing what else besides fishing you are viewing

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    Re: is this a cookie problem

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    Re: is this a cookie problem

    thanks Yellowjack,,,,,, all of the above probs are gone with download,,,, i'll see if i can get my head around it,,,, time to play
    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: is this a cookie problem

    Hi Choppa

    If you are using Chrome then go to options and then To UNDER THE HOOD-- you can clear browser history, cookies, cache from there. Click on clear browser data. Do it at least every fortnight. If playing games you may sometimes encounter the flash player craqshing with chrome. It is a known issue that they haven't sorted yet. Chrome is much faster than IE. There is also an add blocker available for chrome.

    Happy playing

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    Re: is this a cookie problem

    Chrome is GOOOOOOONE,,,,,,Firefox today,,,
    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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