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    Cork grips

    In just bought a new rod yesterday to add to the growing lineup and it has cork grips. I now have a couple of rods with cork grips and I was wondering what members use to keep them looking good and in good nick?The rod I bought was a second hand Nitro Crankbait which by the look of it has never seen the water.So any feedback on what everyone uses would be appreciated.

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    Re: Cork grips

    I don't do anything. A few battle scars give it character. A wipe over with metho will clean it up for you. IMHO the application of wax or estapols takes away the feel and grip of natural cork
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    Re: Cork grips

    Seen this on Youtube.

    First rod handle cleaning YouTube Clip:

    First rod handle cleaning YouTube Clip:

    Product from "Mr Clean" USA:

    Silimar product from "Chux" here in Australia:

    I have not seen the USA style Magic eraser here in Australia, but they are on Ebay.
    The ones I seen on Ebay had over the top postage, so maybe try the "Chux" ones available here, probably at the supermarket or Bunnings.

    They look ok because they only use warm water.



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    Re: Cork grips

    I have used True Oil on my cork grips which is available from gun shops. If your cork grips are clean you can simply apply with a cloth.

    One or two coats will soak into the cork and seal it without leaving a shiny residue.

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    Re: Cork grips

    There's a lot of old rods around with cork grips and you know nobody that owned them then did much to 'em.....
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    Re: Cork grips

    Trondak Cork Seal U40 is the go. You can get it on-line from Ross at the Rodworks.

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    Re: Cork grips

    You need to be aware that any oil based liquid used to clean the cork grips will come off on your hands and if you then handle a lure or plastic or bait it will detract from your fish hook up.
    So be aware of this. So leave it Natural


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    Re: Cork grips

    I use a magic eraser every now and then. Seems to work well.

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    Re: Cork grips

    The best thing I've seen on cork is the colour of red wine!

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    Re: Cork grips

    I really like cork grips on my rods. I do nothing to them but when they get too much fish slime and scales stuck to them i hit them with sandpaper. They look and feel brand new again. Ben

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    Re: Cork grips

    The problem with leaving many cork grips as they are is that many manufacturers, Loomis included, now use inferior cork which is packed with a water-based filler. Very soon you find yourself with heavily pitted grips which detracts from the great feel of cork. The Trondak U40 cork seal is a non-slippery polymer-based product that soaks into the cork but keeps its great feel. Because it keeps the water and sweat out, you don't get pitting and can just rinse off the grips when needed.

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    Re: Cork grips

    Thanks fellas and thanks Strewth. I took your advice Strewth and sent an order in for the cork sealer and the filler as well so I will give a report on its performance after I receive the gear.

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    Re: Cork grips

    The Trondak cork sealer is good stuff. To clean dirty cork, a steel wool pad and JIF works really well. For filler, you can also use Timber Mate in the Cedar (Blackwood) tone from Bunnings. Be sure to let the filler dry for a couple of hours before sanding it off.

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    Re: Cork grips

    Well I have finished treating all my cork grip rods with Trondak cork sealer and I am very impressed with the results. It has sealed the cork to prevent further degradation and the grips still have the cork feel to them, you would not be able to pick the difference from treated to untreated and they look great.
    So I can highly recommend the Trondak cork sealer ,great product and thanks again Strewth for recommending it.

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    Re: Cork grips

    Glad you like it too. Only wish I'd found it years ago.......

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