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    Tandem or single ?

    Looking at buying a tandem as my young fella is 7 so I can take him, when I want to go myself I can move the seat foward.I looked at hobie odyssey, not sure if I should just get a big single and when the boy gets bigger buy him a small yak. Any thoughts would be appreciated guys ,thanks.

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    I went down to Bee Cee Eff over the Easter break and picked up my 7 year old a little paddle board ski type kayak. $199 and job done. He loves it - and incidentally hasn't tipped it yet.

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    Have a look at the Extreme kayak, basically a single with capacity for an extra seat in the front storage compartment.

    If I was looking for a yak for large water fishing (dams, estuaries, etc..) I'd be getting an outlaw.

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    Thanks , something like the outlaw would be good for now and maybe get the young fella into something when he's confident with a paddle.

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    I wouldnt go a tandem, You have to think can you lift it by yourself.
    They are harder to paddle if your by yourself etc etc.
    I would look at getting a Viking tempo fisherman, I have one and I can stand up in it without worry of falling over

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    The outlaw is a very big Yak, at least a foot longer than my tempo. Hard to manage in wind and chop, as they dont really like to ride over the top of the chop, just move through it.
    I'd buy something for yourself, and a cheap yak for the boy, upgrade in a couple of years if he still shows interest.
    If you buy him a separate yak it is important to float test it with him in it.
    I bought bandits for my kids when they were about that age and they struggled because they were not heavy enough to sink the yak in the water far enough, they would tip and slap about as the "wings" of the hull were out of the water by an inch or so. The yaks are great for them now.

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    My mate has a viking nemo + 1

    He takes his girlfriend out in it and can fish comfortably aswell and goes out by himself in it with no trouble, alot of room to move around in aswell when hes by himself.

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    Bigger Malibus come with a small seat for small ppl molded into the front hatch cover. Tandems are crap to paddle 1 up properly without mucking about so I would get a single now and get him his own one latef

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    I too would go the tempo. My 6 year old regularly came out in mine with me fishing. They will even fit an extra seat in the front or rear. Still room for some gear too.
    If we were just out and about and not fishing, I would take the 3yr old in the front and the 6 year old in the back... loads of fun and impossible to tip.
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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    I bought pipifins tempo^ I can fit my fiance in the front of the tempo and not worry about it tipping! Im not a small lad neither :/

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    Re: Tandem or single ?

    Thanks guys, I ended up with a second hand outlaw for $800.00 with seats, paddle, wheels etc. I will get the young fella a yak down the track in the meantime we'll give this a go. Just bought a lowrance elite4x gunna mount it on the weekend and looking foward to pimpin the rest of the yak.

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