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    Re: Offshore Yeppoon with JT vid

    Quote Originally Posted by tube View Post
    How do you get vid to run
    You will need to view it on a computer tube, it won't play on a mobile. If that's not the problem that I got no idea

    Cheers from boony
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    Re: Offshore Yeppoon with JT vid

    Great video (again) Love that big trout !
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Offshore Yeppoon with JT vid

    Great video Thanks for sharing
    Cheers Dave

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    Lightbulb Re: Offshore Yeppoon with JT vid

    Quote Originally Posted by XtremeBoony View Post
    My video editing program is giving me the sh*ts (always slow to load and edit video clips) and i have put up with it long enough so if anyone out there has any ideas on what video editing programs are awesome then please let me know. I am currently using pinnacle studio 14.
    Mr Boon
    You might like to try Adobe Premier Elements. In the same way that Photoshop Elements is a cut-down version of the full noise Photoshop (but covers all 'everyday' needs, Premier Elements is a cut-down version of Premier. It uses reference points to the clips so you are only dealing with small files (say a couple of meg) when you are editing. Once you have it all sorted, you instruct the program to output the file. It's at that point, Premier Elements assembles the large file. (Let it do the assembly work while you're polishing the boat or whatever). Very easy drag and drop functions. Cost is ballpark $120 but you can also buy it double packaged with Photoshop Elements for about $40 more. (Haven't checked for a while). Time-lines and scenes are ultra simple, running separate recording, audio commentary tracks etc (sound mix) is a breeze. I evaluated a few and ran some trial downloads of different programs before making the decision. Happy to talk you through any of the basics if you need once you have it. Oh yes - plenty of 'How to' instruction from Adobe's on-line tutorials - they're free. No, I don't have any corporate association or work in retail. But some of my still photography is professional work hence my interest. Regards

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    Re: Offshore Yeppoon with JT vid

    Great vid thanks alot

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