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    28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    G'day all, it's been a few years since I've been about. Moved away from the coast, sold Skyblue, yada yada, put the violins away 'cos thats enough of the sob story.
    Does anybody know anything about the 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge named Kamaloo, currently moored at Hardy's Bay? 2* AQD40a diesels on legs? If has SGFC on the transom under her name. It was built in 84/85 so I'm thinking maybe some of the SGFC old timers may know her or have fished on her.
    Yes it is the one advert'd on BP.
    Anyhow, I've bought her and will be bringing her to Batemans Bay in the next 4-8 weeks. I've not yet decided on truck or sea voyage which is only abt 200 miles so it should only take a weekend @ 10 knots and will be a good adventure and a good chance to get to know her. The only worry is a failure in one of the engines or legs between say Pt Hacking and Ulladulla where there is just about zero repair facilities and relying on a single engine for a voyage of this length isn't a real lot of fun. There is documented evidence of a recent engine/leg service but no real knowledge of fuel consumption. The previous owner did not use her a lot and mostly was within the confines of Brisbane Water.
    Any suggestions on how to ready the engine/legs for a voyage of this length?
    To put things into perspective, it should take less than 20 hours which really is only 2 days of fishing.
    Anyhow, if anyone has any info or any stories about her it would be great if you can share them.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    G'day mate, I am pretty certain that boat was in Empire Bay, where I live these days. I have probably had a beer with the previous owner at the boat ramp there.

    I think Empire Bay Marina may have done some work on it recently. I will ask them when I get home tomorrow and I will ask the local boys about the boat.

    Re the AQD40's, they are pretty good in the 130hp model, generally they will go for ever if well looked after. They are simple to maintain. Just check that the heat exchangers have been pulled apart and serviced in recent years, if not, give them a good run at cruise revs and then wide open throttle to check for any over heating tendency. Buy a couple of spare impellers and belts, fuel filters, hoses and enough engine oil to fill a sump, tools to do any jobs, fill her full of fuel, log on with the coast guard and enjoy the troll home.

    Fuel burn will be about 30L/hr per engine at wide open throttle for those donks, so you could probably plan on about 40L/hr combined at planing speeds, and down around 8-10L/hr at displacement speed. You will lose a lot of efficiency above 7kts or so in that hull. At 10kts it will be making a lot of white water and maybe just about planing, but not being very efficient.

    You will really need to come up and spend a weekend burning around Brissy Water to suss it out before you head off.

    I will get back to ya,
    "Elempi" American Bertram 33, 3208T Caterpillar power

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    I have seen one or two of these advertised in the past 12 months. To the best of my knowledge they aren't a Savage. I don't know what the actual brand is though.

    They're not a bad looking boat overall. The rear end and side coamings are a little unusual but the overall appearance is quite good IMO.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Thanks Myles. I appreiciate the info.
    Are you telling me they now have a marina at Empire Bay? Next you will be telling me that Brian and Coral have moved from 1 Rickard Rd, that you can't have a beer in the paddock next to the bottlo with the bonfire going and they have built some monstrosity of a tavern up on the main road! Empire bay holds a lot of good memories for me as I lived at Woy Woy and would spend all of my wages at the Bayview on Friday night and have enough for a carton, a pack of smokes and sometimes bus fare to get across on the Saturday for a beer and listen to the races in the afternoon. The night usually involved walking home to Woy Woy or staying somewhere o/nite and then walking. It was only 15km or so and I was 21ish and fit and healthy. This was also 25 years ago!
    The night I met the wife I had to walk home from from Gosford Leagues to Saratoga. Only 16kms, usual story. spent all my wages and still no action. She drove home in her car and still laughs at me to this day.

    BM- there are some plate inside with JJ Savage printed on them. I'll take some pics when I'm up next week.
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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    I wonder if Savage built the hulls for someone maybe? It's not a hull that I know of from the Savage stables but could well be.

    I tell you who would know for sure. Give John Savage of "Savages wharf" in Melbourne a call and he will know for sure if they built it as a Savage branded cruiser or not. John's quite approachable.


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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Thanks BM. I'll give him a call in the next few days. I don't think last day of an Easter weekend is a
    good time to phone anybody!

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Is that the same John Savage who built the alloy Lancers that fell apart BM?

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    I have no idea about that Terry. Is that the 5.3 Lancer your referring to? I've not heard of problems with that particular hull? I've done boat inspections on a couple of those in the past and not seen any issues.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    My apologies to Shaneo for hijacking the thread a bit as the glass savage boats were well made from what I've read and there are still a lot around today.

    Hi Nick..The Lancers and Ospreys of the 90's were rubbish. The earlier 5.3 Lancer weren't so bad but the 5.4's were shocking. The first batch were replaced with something a little better but the sad thing was that the ones from that batch were patched up and resold without warranty. I ended up with one.

    The Marine Board inspector who looked at my boat said that he would never take his family to sea in such a boat. I've still got the ombudsmans report into the marine board response when they decided to back Savage and not enforce a recall. The head of the board was mates with Savage. If ever John should read this he knows who I am and also knows that what he did was wrong and dangerous. Someone set fire to his office around that time so I wasn't the only one.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Wow, I wasn't aware of that. Not good. At least their earlier glass boats were generally pretty well built.

    Keen to hear the story behind the Gulfstar though.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Myles- did you have any luck with the locals re info? Turns out she was owned by a prominent Sydney doctor and was well maintainted and rarely worked.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Sorry mate, I have been smashed at work and I haven't been down to the marina or the boat ramp bar since I posted. I will be home again from Wednesday and I will be down at the marina then.
    I will let you know what I find then.
    "Elempi" American Bertram 33, 3208T Caterpillar power

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    An issue could be the state of the fuel, more specifically any contamination that will block the filters that will be stirred up once the boat is travelling at sea, quite common for moored boats that have spent many years in sedate waters, rarely used.
    Take plenty of spare fuel filters and a copy of the Alan Lucas nautical publication, Cruising the NSW Coast, which has valuable info.
    The hull speed, as midnight suggests, will be around 7 knots for best economy and range, but you may find you will need to pick up the speed to stabilise the boat and slow the rolling.

    You will need to establish what is the best speed for litres used and nautical miles covered, and that should be at a full planing attitude, perhaps more than 16 knots.

    Log in with each of the VMR stations on the way down, it's a good service and peace of mind, they will pass you from one to the other

    Are you going to keep her in the marina or a swing mooring at Bateman's Bay?

    Have a good trip.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Mal, I will be doing a very throrough clean of the fuel sytem. The oil and filters have just been changed and I'll do the air filters for the heck of it. Clean oil, clean fuel and clean air for me. I will check the cooling systems throroughly and there are spare impellors on board. I will be spending a few days on board getting used to her and if I'm not confident in the mechanical soundness, then I won't make the trip. I must admit I have some concern about the legs, yeah there is a documented recent service but I just get paranoid about legs. If they need servicing then she has to be skipped.
    Re the arrangement for Batemans Bay, well the only choice is to have a mooring laid. There is no hope of getting a Marina berth and the wait list is abt 5 years. I had one when I lived there and had Hookem but gave it up when I sold her. A short term option is probably to use a mooring at Empire Bay. Andre from the marina hires them out and the bloke from whom I bought the boat is giving me the hurry up to shift her.
    The easy way out it to use a truck which is abt $2310 but then I miss out on the big adventure.

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    Re: 28ft Savage Gulfstar flybridge - Kamaloo

    Can you talk to the servicing mechanic and ask him his honest opinion?

    Legs are pretty robust as long as water doesn't get in either through failed seals or more likely perished bellows onto gimble bearing or uni's.

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