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    Rattlesnake Is 4th april

    Went over to rattlesnake early wednesday day morning before the guys i was staying with recovered from the previous night. Got to the bay on the north side of the island closest to the channel that separates it from Herron at about 7am. Boat wasnt sounding the best so spent 30min looking it over and tightening belts ect before getting in the water. Vis was really good leading up to high at about 15m. Lots of fish around the bommies in around 10m of water. Everything from big jacks and fingermark, lots of trout and parrot fish and even afew doggies cruising around. Ended up getting two trout at 650 and 600, a 650 Jack and a 550 finger mark in around 30min before deciding to head back and get the other guys up. Made it to about 100m off Tomulla beach when the engine went bang! Some nice fish for easter bbq and alot of beers were drank while researching new chev motors.....

    PIcs of the fish and one of the crappy weather on the way out 552190_10151449635660234_2147193607_n.jpg557999_10151449362170234_787975233_23438764_101578421_n.jpg

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    Did you launch at the creek at Toomulla? If so, what height tide do you need to get in and out?

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    Re: Rattlesnake Is 4th april

    na mate i left from balgal. Ive got a 23 foot glass boat and had no problems. I didnt notice that they are about to pave the toomulla ramp though so might be worth a look.

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    Ta mate. Hope you get the motor sorted so you can get back out there.

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    Re: Rattlesnake Is 4th april

    Nice effort. I have been meaning to have a spear around these islands for ages. I must do.
    Thanks for posting. Good luck with the new motor. For me personally I would be taking this as the opportunity to pod it and bolt on an outboard. But that's just me!

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