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    Borumba good Fri and sat

    Hooked up the boat and headed to Borumba for a couple of early morning sessions. Arrived Friday morning to a fairly quiet dam.

    Headed up around to the sticks and began throwing some river 2 sea cup face poppers for 3 Toga strikes and 2 landed before the surface bite shut down. Changed to throwing a 1/4oz tt spinner in gold and alternating with a Jackal cherry every 5 casts or so. About 30mins in and 300m of bank gone by and finally a nice yella of about 50cm was in the net, this fish fell to the spinner bait bounced through some submerged branches sighted on the side scan in about 15ft of water.

    Continued to work the same bank and mostly targeting submerged trees close to steep rock walls for another smaller yella and 2 average bass. Moved a little further up the dam to I think Borumba ck. Not much doing up this far except for one strike of a solid bass on the cherry which would have been close to the 50cm mark, but other than that not much doing up this far.

    By this time had worked up a fair thirst and decided to head back to the in-laws at Pomona for a few ales and a late lunch as it was getting dam hot.

    Headed back Saturday morning around 6am and was bloody freezing at the ramp. Headed towards the upper reaches of the dam to continue throwing poppers again. One full on but clumsy strike after about 20 mins or so but for no hook up. Persisted with surface approach for no further strikes. Decided then to adopt spinner bait and crank bait similar to Friday but for not one single strike in 3 hrs of casting.

    Very noticeable thermocline 30ft down with numbers of fish schooling below that depth. Tried hopping TN60s and spinnerbaits through them but nothing doing. Time to call it a day (doughnut on day 2) and make the 3hr drive home to catch the footy at skilled park. Very busy ramp lunch time Saturday with a few cranky skiiers and plenty of queue jumping antics at the ramp.

    All in all a great dam and some pretty good fishing once you crack a pattern. Will try and add some pics up when I can work out how to get them off my brother in-laws phone and onto the computer.

    Anybody else fished Borumba recently?????

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    Re: Borumba good Fri and sat

    Thanks for the report good to see there are a few fish getting around i like Borumba but do not fish it enough even though it is only 90 minutes away ,i was last there in October and we got some nice toga and a good yella ,I find the darker spinner bait like purple and black do well there
    hopefully i will get back there before it gets to cold


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    Re: Borumba good Fri and sat

    I fished it the w/end before Easter with a heap of guys from work and found it tough, only a few fish caught between our 5 boats, red claws were ok though. Water was very brown from recent floods.

    BTW, just a warning to watch your gear at the camping ground near the wall, 3 other campsites had stuff knocked off late Sat night/Sun morn, Engle fridge, fishing gear & wake boards, police recon $4k worth. Happened a couple of weeks earlier as well we were told.

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    Re: Borumba good Fri and sat

    Yeah water was still fairly brown throughout the entire dam......Forgot to mention that we had a chat with about a dozen boats on the saturday before lunch. No fish landed at all except one toga early on using a popper. Really think the contrast of the cold nights and hot days had a bit to do with the shut down fish.

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