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    Welington, New Zealand... dry fly videos.

    What an outstanding season it's been, many fish 7-9lbs and two 10lbers, average size has been 6lbs... and all this not 30 minutes drive from the city! If you're ever in Wellington!....

    Most of these clips filmed on my new GoPro which is proving to be outstanding for capturing action.

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    Re: Welington, New Zealand... dry fly videos.

    That is some great footage and even better fish mate. Pretty keen to give it a bit of a crack (probably in tassie). Are the cicada flies made from spun deer hair, they look pretty real, also do they stay upright when stripped. Bass would annihillate those things! Ben

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    Re: Welington, New Zealand... dry fly videos.

    Thanks Ben, yes they are tied with Deer Hair and are relatively buoyant, it's very visual fishing to say the least! I think they get Cicada's in Tassie, but seasonal here from Jan - March mostly.

    Yes, they land upright everytime due to the wings being on-top of the body and the fly having some weight in it, they asre a bit cumbersome to cast but the splashier and rougher the cast, the better response from fish as they land hard on the water.

    Here's a another clip, just finished from a quick trip to the South Island, cheers, Andrew

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