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    Re: "Minister?" MARK's a SUGGESTED PLAN to help you

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    removalists here tomorrow..when do I start my canal patrols?

    Did you leave out an "r"?


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    Re: "Minister?" MARK's a SUGGESTED PLAN to help you

    definitely not..I guess you get like that from the resiling you drink...mind in the gutter.

    A wise old man once said.."Celibacy is not the root of all evil".

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    Re: "Minister?" MARK's a SUGGESTED PLAN to help you

    "when do I start my canal patrols?"

    when you untangle the jighead from the pontoon
    Tangles KFC

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    Thumbs up Re: "Minister?" MARK's a SUGGESTED PLAN to help you

    Gazza has volunteered to be a New Inspector, and his rates are cheap as he'll do it for love ?? .
    Just give him a tinnie, a set of oars and he'll go anywhere.
    I humbly accept the position Webby "with no personal or financial gain"

    Day 1 , " hey Mr. RecFisho , I notice you have five(5) snapper in your Esky"
    Mr. RecFisho : (touching toes) YES oh great Gazzaroo , I DO
    Gazzaroo: Stand UP Man !!......PASS & Enjoy your day

    Day 2 , (Pinhead comes over and wishes to admit "fault")....I have 5 snapper in my Esky too Gazzaroo
    Gazzaroo: Pinhead ....YOU LIE !!!! , but keep trying mate.

    Day 3 , JetSKI zooms past at 50knots , 5 metres from RecFishos FISHING!!! , and gets away.

    Action: Email to Honorable Minister Mark....c.c. Webby

    "Look , if you guys want me to persue these bastards....I'm GUNNA NEED A 3rd. OAR"

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