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    Prawns on a sounder

    Does any one have a picture of a shoal of prawns on a sounder that they are willing to share. Dont want to know whereabouts. Just a pic so I can identify.

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    Re: Prawns on a sounder

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    Re: Prawns on a sounder

    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowjack View Post
    Good to see all the years of schooling didn't go unwasted Jack !

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    Re: Prawns on a sounder

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    You idiot....that is hillarious

    Now I am looking forward to a serious reply so I can learn something

    (lol...thanks for the laugh, it's been a crappy day and I needed that

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    Re: Prawns on a sounder

    no pic but when they are thick you will see big blobs not unlike bait fish schools. sometimes they are bait fish too. and take ages to clean out of your net. my humminbird shows little blue vertical lines coming up off the bottom when they are not thick. they will appear differently from sounder to sounder and of course from the selected settings. the easiest way to suss it out on your unit is to go find some other castnetters and then look at your sounder when your getting onto them.
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    Re: Prawns on a sounder

    that pic above is funny as ........

    as netmaker said, if you find others catching prawns you will see what they look like on your sounder. make sure you know what the schools of fish look like, you only want to do that once.

    in this pic the prawns are not very thick, the bottom layer are greasy prawns, and the ones showing above the bottom are bananas.

    in this pic they are obviously thicker and they are all bananas.

    they will basically look the same on most good colour sounders (with only subtle differences) if you are using a monochrome sounder what you will generally see is just a thickening of the bottom.
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    Re: Prawns on a sounder

    Hey Grahame since your in box is full I'll have to do a little thread hijack
    I'm home
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    27th May-2nd June
    If those dates don't work too well with you then don't stress mate, it's fine.
    Have you been getting a few?

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