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    Underwater Hockey Fun

    Spearfishing is great but Problem - Fitness and Breath hold! Answer - Underwater hockey!
    The Worlds most Breathtaking Game.

    It is heaps of fun and mostly played by keen spearos. But be warned, Underwater hockey is not for winkypuffs .You will be amazed at how tough and aggressive it can be. Luckily the water cushions the impact, you can’t fall.

    The action happens on the bottom of a tiled swimming pool in about 2 meters of water. The objective of the game is to drive the puck with short hockey sticks into the opponent’s goal. Each player wears a mask, snorkel and flippers and has a small stick, which is held in one hand only, and is used to flick or push a 1.3 kg round disc-shaped plastic-coated lead puck along the bottom of the pool. A team consists of 6 players a side, in the pool. Generally a team has 3 forwards - a strike middle centre and left and right wing, and 3 backs -left and right halfbacks and a full back. The goals are long narrow troughs placed on the bottom of the pool at opposite ends of the playing area. Underwater hockey is a non- contact sport. You are not allowed to grab or hold on to another player. There are no offsides. A goal is scored when the puck is pushed, or flicked, into the goal tray. Boys, Girls, Men and Women play. Underwater hockey is a 3 dimensional sport with people around you as well as above you.

    10 Years on and I have to pinch myself. Life doesn’t get any better. I have lost 10kg since playing underwater hockey. Personal best is now 26.8meters deep at 1.21 mins. and many awesome trips have been enjoyed .Every spearfishing trip in the bluest, deepest,wildest ocean is a treasure. Bring it on – I want to feel the squeeze of the deep!
    So try it – You will Love it
    Tuesdays 7:15pm @ Miami Aquatic Centre &Wednesdays 7:15pm @ Palm Beach Currumbin Pool Beginner’s welcome and first game free.Thereafter $5 per game plus must join Club & AUFQ.Please bring mask, snorkel and fins.
    Ideal age 16 – 60
    Presented by
    Tweed Gold Coast Freedivers Inc
    for more info contact
    Danny 0412 874224 or

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    Yeah, I used to play that sport at Sleemans Sport Complex Chandler Pool at Belmont. (Near Brisbane , Qld)

    There has been some dirty players , one mongrel ripped my mask and I swum straight into the pool wall, result was bleeding nose due to be being broken. It was not even a proper comp at the time.

    I was a member of AUF at the time.


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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    Attachment 78234Underwater Hockey Fun -This what it looks like

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun


    Your attachement is invalid.


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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    its a great game and this is the first time Ive heard of it since i used to play it at the redcliffe pool back in the early 80s, its great to hear its still going.
    cheers cr

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    Captain Rednut,

    I used to be with the group that trained at Sleemans Sports Complex. We went to Maryborough or Hervey Bay, many years ago for a comp...good fun and kept fin then.

    I was very annoyed with a phantom mask puller, could not see jack **** then bang head-on to the pools wall, blood ran out of my nose, yep was fractured...15 years later and still have not corrected the fracture as yet.


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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun


    this is the response from Ausfish when one clicks on the attachment 78234

    Your link
    vBulletin Message

    Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    attachment is still not valid...

    Cheers, Bondy

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    Is there any where in brisbane south side prefured that run underwater hockey? i love diving but am struggling to get better with the water quality ones it clears up i notice improvements over a couple of dives or even a long day but then water dirties up and im out of the water for a few months.
    cheers scott

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    BARRAKid (Scott)

    I'm not sure if the group still has training events at Sleemans Sports Complex.

    I think it's still owned and operated by Brisbane City Council

    You can give Sleemans Centre a call , put you through to the swimming pool section and ask receptionist whether Underwater Hockey Club still conducts training and which nights, times .

    Monday: 7.00-8.15pm @ Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler
    Thursday: 7.00-8.15pm @ Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler

    Cnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Roads Chandler QLD 4155
    (07) 3131 9626

    Cheers, Bondy

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun

    thanks bondy ill see how i go do they have a heated pool looking to go for a dive this weekend water looks to be clearing

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    Re: Underwater Hockey Fun


    How did you go?

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